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How To Clean Your Dogs Ears

Clean Your Dogs Ears

Ear care is an important aspect of every dog owners grooming routine. Often overlooked, the ears are a breeding ground for bacteria which can lead to a nasty infection. Undertake this quick and effective ear cleaning routine once a week to keep your dogs ears nice and healthy via propooch.com

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Determine your dog’s condition score

dog condition score

  How to Tell if Your Dog is Overweight, Underweight, or Fit? This infographic put together by the folks at Bullymax will help to determine your dog’s body condition score. will help you determine your dog’s condition needs to reduce, increase, or make no changes to their dog’s calorie intake. via bullymax.com/dog-food-calculator

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I’m a dog. I hate hugs. Get over it.

I am a dog, I hate hugs

An infographic by the Canine Public Relations Committee To: Humans From: Dogs excerpt: “Just like humans, dogs are complicated creatures. We have our likes and dislikes just like you. But this hugging thing got way out of hand. We’ve been tight for thousands of years. Are you humans gonna throw that away over this? Sorry if we hurt your feelings, …

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25 Most Popular Dog Breeds and Their Natural Health Problems


Dogs are one of the widely accepted pets in our society today. Their health is also our main priority. If you currently have a dog then you might be aware of the some of the health issues that they face. If you plan to adopt one then it becomes even more important for you to know ahead of time what …

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What is Your Pet Drinking?


Tap water in general has been known to carry many toxic chemicals such as fluoride, arsenic, lead and mercury. Yet many pet owners choose to ignore this fact and still feed their pets sink water. This is deadly and dangerous because not only is it harming our pets, but it can ruin their health and quality of life. Fluoride is …

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Animal Cruelty for Cosmetics

Animal Cruelty for Cosmetics

Animal testing for new cosmetic products is inhumane and unnecessary. The animals suffer greatly despite a number of alternatives available. Please choose to buy your cosmetics and beauty products from companies who do not test their products on animals. via wildorchidbeauty.com.au

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10 Cat Superpowers


Cats have always been popular pets and it’s not hard to see why, they truly are fascinating creatures. But because they are so common, we tend to take their extraordinary abilities for granted. So now it’s time for you to realise how awesome your cat really is. via vebopet.com.au

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Everything You Need To Know About Alpacas


This is our first attempt at an infographic, it explains all about Alpaca Facts. We are Hensting Alpacas and have been trading for 6 years here in the uk. We currently have 50 alpacas and a further 25 cira (baby alpaca) due next year. We hop you like our infographic and find the time to share it via alpacas-hampshire.co.uk

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22 Ways Dogs Make Humans Healthier


Everyone knows dogs make you feel good, but did you know they actually make you healthier? It’s true: there are some awesome physiological and psychological benefits to spending time with a pooch. Here are 22 of them. via chewiesays.com

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Infographic: A Quick Guide to Bird Feeding


Looking to draw the attention of some new airborne friends? Want to bring some more wildlife into your garden? The following infographic shows which type of food you should be buying for your garden and which feeder each bird prefers! Brought to you by vinehousefarm.co.uk

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Infographic: Animal Abuse and the Underground World of Dog Fighting


Dog fighting is a serious crime that thrives in a secretive, criminal underworld. It evolved as a bloodsport, which is any sport that involves animals being hurt or killed to fuel excitement in people who are taking part or watching. You may recall historical accounts of bloodsports in Ancient Rome. These events involved humans baiting or fighting vicious animals until …

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Infographic: A History of Crufts


Vet Medic have created this unique and comprehensive infographic about the world famous dog show Crufts. The infographics is bursting at the seems with facts, trivia and cool information about the biggest name in dog shows.  

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Big Fat Pet Nation UK: Obese Pet Facts


1 in 3 Dogs are overweight as pets in the UK sees obesity as a growing problem. See what pet owners frequently do to put their pets in danger. It’s time for pets to shape up! #abetterlifeforpets Brought to you by pdsa.org.uk

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Infographic: Pet or pest?


No matter the size of your pet, it can cause a huge amount of damage. Taking out household insurance is one way to cover the costs of repairs and replacements. Our infographic also offers some advice on house-training your pet. Brought to you by moneysupermarket.com

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Infographic: Why Cats are Better than Men


Tired of the men in your life? Why not check out the many benefits of having your own cat around the house? Sometimes men can just be impossible to deal with, but cats are always there for you with a gentle purr and a soft coat of fur to pet. If you have a cat, you might particularly enjoy the …

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Infographic: 38 Benefits of Owning A Dog


Everyone knows or least should know that owning dogs can greatly improve our lives! Providing companionship and entertainment of course but did you also know that owning a dog can help reduce the risk of allergies in children? Find 38 reasons why owning a dog is awesome! Brought to you by thedogtrainingsecret.com

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Infographic: How to keep an eye on your dog using Skype


We all know the challenges of leaving Fido at home while being away on a business trip or working long hours at the office all day. One of the best hidden tips of using Skype is that you can set up your Skype calls to “auto-answer.” This means Fido doesn’t have to worry about how to click a mouse to …

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