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Simple Techniques To Improve Your Creativity And Designs


If you are a creative artist or designer then you must be familiar with that uncomfortable, some will even say horrific feeling of losing your inspiration and running out of creative ideas. While I won’t claim that I’ve cracked the secrets of the muses and can provide you with fail safe methods to get inspired and creative at any given …

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Infographics And Visual Marketing Events To Visit In 2014


Visual marketing has become such a part of online marketing in general that you can’t generally have one without the other. The use of multiple forms of media, such as photos, videos, infographics, cartoons and logos are a big part of attracting users in the world today. So much so that entire social networks have been dedicated to visual media, …

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How Marketers Can Create Stunning Infographics


Infographics are the coolest development in content marketing. Around the world, thousands of businesses are investing in beautiful, informative graphics that tell a story about their niche. If your business would benefit from the extra publicity, an infographic is a sure-fire way to generate interest and promote your brand as an authority figure. Creating infographics can be a little daunting: …

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11 Brilliant Sources Of Design Inspiration


Ugh. You’re staring at a blank Photoshop file, “Untitled 1.” You draw some shapes, add some mismatched colors, but nothing is feeling right. We’ve all been there before. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and browse these sources of inspiration to get back on your A game. 1. Dribbble If you’re inspiration doesn’t come from nature, it’ll probably come from …

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How To Make Your Infographic Go Viral


We all want our content to go viral, but it is no easy feat. There is a lot out there to contend with, especially in the genre of videos and written content – which is why some people are choosing to go a more modern, less saturated route with infographics. License: Creative Commons image source Highly shareable, loved by all social …

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The ROI Of Infographics


When it comes to analyzing your ROI, the rule of thumb is often that the less you have to put up in the beginning, the easier it is to get a good return.  When it comes to the ROI for infographics, the investment you have to put into it in the beginning is usually quite low in contrast to the …

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Heineken: Take On The Challenge To Recreate Beer


Participate in the Ideas Brewery 60+ Challenge to recreate beer, the packaging and the serve to better fit the lifestyles and needs of the 60+ generation. This challenge is open to all residents of: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada (excl. Yukon & Quebec), China, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, UK …

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The Five Mortal Sins Of Infographics


The use of infographics has become more popular over the last few years. Infographics allow companies or individuals to showcase research and important information in an easy to read (and visually appealing) way. Infographics have been created for a variety of information, and they’re pretty easy to create, which is why so many companies and individuals use them. Like any …

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Successful Infographics Go Viral: 5 Promotional Techniques


Using infographics to relay information or to market brands and products is now a hot trend with online businesses. Over the past few years, these graphical presentations have gone up in popularity. In fact, more and more companies employ infographic designers to come up with creative designs and methods to represent data in interesting and compelling ways; however, in order …

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News: HEINEKEN invites you to participate in The 60+ Challenge


Amsterdam 14th February 2013 – HEINEKEN, to support its third challenge from its innovation platform www.ideasbrewery.com, has brought onboard critically acclaimed photographer Naomi Harris and cultural commentator Kees van Duyn to judge the best crowdsourced insights into the lives of 60-70 year olds. Naomi and Kees join Hollywood director Donald Petrie on the panel for the 60+ Challenge, a unique …

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Worldwide Infographic-a-Thon “Becoming an Entrepreneur”


“Becoming an Entrepreneur” is an infographic book that takes you on a journey from having nothing to creating a large business. In 200 pages, through 50 infographics you will see experiences and data from over 1000  entrepreneurs. Hi there, you are here because you have thought about becoming an entrepreneur, right? Or you are one already. Actually, great timing. Glad …

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Data journalism courses, a map in progress


A group of data journalist called DataJCrew started a project to collect academic courses on data journalism worldwide. Over the past three years, Open Data and Open Knowledge universities and new organizations have worldwide established themselves, creating Masters and general courses to attract journalists and students to this new trend of communication, acquiring a great success. The courses are becoming more numerous …

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Mothers Against Drunk Driving(MADD) Challenge: Design an Infographic on the impact of drunk driving


Jan Withers, President of Mothers Against Drunk Driving(MADD), challenges innovators to utilize open government data to create compelling infographics about the impact of drunk driving for use in MADD’s upcoming “Tie One On for Safety” national media campaign. MADD – Tie One on for Safety® Infographic Challenge Drunk driving is the most frequently committed violent crime in the United States, …

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