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Are You a Great Boss or a Not-So-Great Boss?


Ever notice how everyone in a workplace knows who the bad boss is—except the bad boss? If you’re supervising others, and you’re frustrated with their performance, it’s possible that the problem isn’t your team. You could be the not-so-great boss. Truthfully, every boss has areas for growth. Most bosses have strong qualities as well as opportunities for improvement. But a …

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How to save time when writing meeting minutes


Ah – meeting minutes. They’re a great way to capture key decisions and thoughts throughout a meeting, but sometimes they can take FOREVER to write up (and then you’re left wondering if anyone actually reads them…). But we can’t deny that they’re an important output of a meeting – particularly when you can’t remember what was discussed and agreed or …

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Pipe Marking 101


Pipe marking in the US to the standards established by ANSI and ASME is required. This infographic gives a basic overview of several aspects of pipe marking. Colors of labels (based on contents of the pipe), size and locations of labels on pipe runs are also covered. via creativesafetysupply.com

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2016 Cloud Office Games

Office Games

The pro athletes have battled it out in Rio but cloud technology is helping everyday businesses gear up to be more competitive in their marketplace. Here are 9 events to master the abilities required to achieve the gold standard in business communications. via ringcentral.com

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Mind Blowing Mobile Web Traffic Statistics in Realtime

Traffic Statistics in Realtime

Real time web traffic statistics can be amazing. Read correctly, some say that they can see the ebb and flow of the internet, and can start to see where the traffic is going and try to predict the next big thing. One of the more amazing things about real time web traffic statistics is just how much happens in an …

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The Definitive Trade Show Marketing Checklist


Trade shows boost engagement to all possible consumers or leads. When done right, strategically and carefully, the chances of a higher return of investment is expected. Each year, there are hundreds to thousands trade shows happening all over the country. This provides opportunity for businesses to showcase their brand and stand out from its competitors. With the aid of well …

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Surprise OSHA Inspection? What to Expect


OSHA inspections can be alarming, if not terrifying for an unsuspecting business. By understanding what happens during an inspection, a business owner can be better prepared of the process, and perhaps correct deficiencies in their facility or work processes. This infographic displays the process in a simple and clear manner. The humorous illustrations help lighten the mood of the content. …

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The A, B, C’s and 1, 2 3s of Fall Protection


This infographic, titled “The A, B, C’s and 1, 2 3s of Fall Protection,” provides a good basic overview of personal arrest systems required for working at heights. It covers the 3 components of fall arrest systems, namely, the anchorage, body support and connectors. Additionally, the infographic shows the viewer how to determine the correct lanyard length for a safe …

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Employee Empowerment and the Mobile Solution

Employee Empowerment

Employees are a company’s greatest investment opportunity. But they often get overlooked. Employees must be empowered and engaged to have their best chance for success. We empower employees to be happier & more productive by building mobile tools for increased communication, productivity, learning, engagement & access to job-essential data. Below is a beautiful way to learn more about the importance …

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What Makes a Business Card Effective

Did you know that your business cards play a huge factor in increasing your sales? In a recent study, they found out that sales will increase 2.5 percent for every 2000 business cards you hand out. And that’s something you should think about if you have a business. Are you ready to craft an effective business card? Got any ideas? …

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GHS – What’s Next?


The Globally Harmonized System (GHS) for identifying and labeling hazardous chemicals has been adopted by the United States. This infographic shows a timeline and the path to adopting the system. The conversion to GHS is still ongoing and it is now required as the method for marking barrels, drums and other containers that transport and store chemicals. via creativesafetysupply.com

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How to Maximize Results from Door Hanger Advertising

How to Maximize Results from Door Hanger Advertising

One of the best things about custom door hangers is that it’s guaranteed to be seen by your target customers. That’s already an advantage especially if you’re a starting entrepreneur. The only problem is how to make your ad engaging and more interesting. It can be challenging if you don’t have any experience in advertising. Worry no more. Here are …

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Outsource SEO or Keep In-House?

Outsource SEO

Want to optimize your website? How? You have two options: (1) Create an in-house SEO team; (2) Hire an SEO company. Before making a decision, it’s good to know their differences. What are the advantages or disadvantages? via seonational.com

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What Happens at Court After a DUI Arrest


It can be overwhelming to get charged with a DUI. There are a lot of factors that affect your situation. You might be wondering what will happen next or uncertain as to what’s going on. This infographic outlines what you can plan for in court, and some of the best steps you can take leading up to your hearing. via …

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How to Grow Your Business


With figures suggesting only 1 in 5 businesses make it through the challenging first year of trading, there’s no doubt that the startup is one of the trickiest periods of a fledgling firm’s lifespan. As a business owner, how do you give your company the best possible route to success? Well, Chartered Accountants Wellden Turnbull have certainly seen a variety …

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Top 10 signs of stress during change

stress during change

During change, Managers should be alert to symptoms and signs of stress in oneself and others. These symptoms may be multiple and varied, however when it comes to changes in behaviour, below are some signs to watch out for. via cdlinsight.co.nz

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Change Management: Top 10 Tips for Success

Change Management

Since it’s inevitable, it is imperative that managers learn how to engage their teams and guide the business through change. It’s a constant work-in-progress that rewards those who embrace it and swallows those who don’t. Needless to say, the essence of any long-running successful business is managers that know how to lead, manage and sell change effectively. We present some …

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The DNA of a Successful Amazon Seller

Being an Amazon seller is not easy. The vast market can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new in the scene. Let’s say you have a product and you want to sell in on Amazon. What would you do? How can you gain profit? What’s the strategy? Here’s an infographic from Buy Box Experts. It explains the 4 traits of successful …

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How to Choose the Right Architecture for a Modern Datacenter

Hyperscale datacenter

Traditional storage is no longer keeping up with the volume of data and the demand for workloads for enterprises, leading to the inception of hyperconverged and hyperscale storage approaches. Customers who come to Hedvig looking for an appropriate storage solution for their business have the option to choose either Hyperconverged or Hyperscale. Check out our infographic to learn more! via …

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Should You Register a Company in 2016?

This infographic compiles recent statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics to look at when you should and shouldn’t register a company in Australia. The infographic covers everything from survival rates of companies to the point where you’re being taxed too much under a business structure. via lawpath.com.au

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Colours and their meanings in business


Deciding on what colours to use in business can be quite a challenge. Whether it’s designing a logo with the right corporate identity or a flyer promoting a new product or event, the colours used are important to convey the right message. Here is a list of the 16 most popular colours and their meanings in business. via cpcards.co.uk

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