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The Benefits of Mobile Engagement

The Benefits Of Mobile Engagement - SMSGlobal

The Benefits of Mobile Engagement outlines the key reasons why connecting with your offline consumers is important for your brand and business. Mobile marketing must be a part of your strategy, and SMSGlobal can show you how.

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8 Ways Autoresponders Make Email Marketing More Effective!


You should definitely get to know how autoresponders work and recognize their value to email marketing. Making autoresponders a part of your online communication strategy saves a huge amount of time and lets you better adapt your content to specific subscribers. Like the name says, autoresponders are sent automatically, usually in response to subscriber actions. Depending on the kind of ...

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Cyber Security: 2015’s Top Priority

cyber security

The folks at criminallawyernyc.com have put together this great infographic on cyber security. The growing number of attacks on our cyber networks has become a serious economical and national security threat. Via: NYC Criminal Lawyer Todd Spodek

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Walmart Application and Employee Demographics


Walmart is America’s largest employer, with 1.3 million Americans holding Walmart positions. This infographic details various statistics and demographics of Walmart employees. Here we learn that Walmart seeks to diversify its workforce across racial and gender lines, as well as on the corporate and store management levels. Walmart also offers many opportunities for promotion, often during the first year of ...

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Creating, Testing and Updating Your Business Continuity Plan


Is your business prepared for a disaster? The business continuity plan, or BCP, is the document by which you manage your organization after a critical loss of functions, resources or personnel. You hope you don’t need it, but without it, your organization may never recover. This infographic explains how to create, test and update a BCP to keep your organization ...

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Google PageSpeed Insights for Dummies


As we know, website speed is huge for UX and top rankings in Google. Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool is the best way to figure out what’s holding your site back from loading faster. The problem is, the recommendations are meant for developers. If you don’t speak code, they’re difficult to interpret. I put together an infographic that details the top ...

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Local SEO 101 for Law Firms


This infographic shows law firms and solo attorneys how to improve their Google+ Local presence. Take a look at this must read infographic and learn from the SEO professionals at SEOCompany.org. Via: SEOCompany.org

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The Ins and Outs of Vehicle Storage


When is a good time to rent a self storage space for your vehicle, watercraft or motorcycle? and what is your best choice of storage unit? USSelfStorage.com has created a unique infographic to guide you through the maze, enjoy! via usselfstorage.com

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Metaphor: The Shortcut to “Yes!”


In a world of information overload, short attention spans, and similarity in services and products, metaphors are your single best tool for engaging, motivating, creating change, and closing business. Learn what’s behind the metaphor-mind connection; 10 times to reach for a metaphor; 4 steps to becoming a Metaphorian; how leaders from Steve Jobs to Ariana Huffington use metaphors. via annemiller.com

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Value Engineering


HCL Tech’s value engineering is an effective framework which identifies and eliminates areas of high cost and improves the profitability of a product by creating alternatives that perform the required function at a lower total cost. via hcltech.com

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Internet of Things


HCL Technologies’ Internet of Things Framework (IoT) accelerates the journey towards achieving a connected products and service portfolio and helps deliver a rich user experience through new business models beyond traditional product delivery. via hcltech.com

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Intelligent Sustenance Engineering


Companies today are battling with product sustenance challenges. HCL Tech’s product intelligence is a solution designed to help companies address the business challenges arising because of the increasing scope and design complexity of their products. via hcltech.com

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The 5 Stages of Sales Prospecting


The sales prospecting funnel is the key to turning your target audience into profitable customers. Not only can the funnel explain how to narrow down your list of prospects, but you can also discover how to make your efforts more efficient and effective. via intelliverse.com

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10 Days To Better Productivity


We’ve all been there, that time when you just can’t seem to focus and concentrate. How to get motivated if you are suffering from a lack of productivity? Take a look at this infographic put together by the folks at infographicworld.com to help you achieve better productivity in just ten days.

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How can I increase traffic to my new website?


So, you have just started your business.  Your website is one of the most important tools you have to generate income nowadays for many business owners. Once your website is live you need to build an audience, so where to start? The folks at whoishostingthis.com have put together this great infographic to explain how you can grow your audience form zero to 10k visitors per month.

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See what email marketing can do for you!


Email is everywhere! We use it at work, we use it to communicate with friends and we use it send commercial messages. Even if you use email marketing on a daily basis, you should remember that if you’re not moving forward you are moving back. You should always look for new ways to improve your email marketing strategy: analyse reports, ...

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Guide to Buying a Franchise


This infographic breaks down the steps involved in buying a franchise. There are lots of franchise opportunities out there but it is important to pick the right one and this guide tells you everything you need to know to make that decision. via driverhirefranchise.co.uk

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Software Engineering Services at HCL Technologies


With the changing face of the software product industry software companies need to constantly re-invent their services to be able to effectively match the industry requirements and customer standards. HCL’s Software Product Engineering Services provides unparalleled customer experience and enhance product lifecycles. via hcltech.com

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Product Testing Services at HCL Technologies


HCL Technologies offers agile and flexible testing model ensuring scalability, automation and higher productivity and software quality. HCL’s next-gen approach to testing brings world-class quality standards in the changing product and application environments, to achieve faster, structured and more effective testing solutions. via hcltech.com

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Visualization of Top 10 Banking Complaint Issue and Product Linkages (2014)


OBSI is Canada’s trusted independent dispute-resolution service for consumers and small businesses with a complaint they can’t resolve with their banking services or investment firm. Infographics show the linkages between banking (and investment) issue and products for complaints about Canadian banks (and investment firms). There are different issues that can lead to a complaint about the various products. Other obsi.ca infographics ...

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Mechanical Engineering Services at HCL Technologies


At the forefront of innovation HCL Technologies is a one-stop solutions provider of mechanical engineering and design services with capabilities throughout the product development life cycle. HCL offers advanced mechanical engineering and design services to customers across industries. via hcltech.com

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