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How to Become an Electrician


If you love working with your hands and perhaps have ever had a dream of one day owning your business and working for yourself then take a look at becoming an electrician. Every state will have different requirements regarding how to become licensed but it usually involves training and experience. The electrical training can be done at one of your …

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Think Wedding Photography is Easy? Think Again!

Wedding Photography

If you think wedding photography is easy and perhaps looking at just asking your uncle with a new camera to do it, then think again! This infographic shows what a wedding photographer really does and it is more than a days work! via yourperfectweddingphotographer.co.uk

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Parents guide to teaching children about money management

money management

Teach your children some important life lessons including how money works, the importance of saving, how to budget and how credit works with this handy infographic guide. Lessons like these are important to learn at a young age in order for your children to avoid financial problems when they become an adult. via shepherdsfriendly.co.uk

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Online Scrub Shopping Trends & Benefits

Online Scrub Shopping

The future of web-based medical scrub stores is bright with studies showing an increase of online shopping between 2011 and 2015 and expectations of it continuing to grow. The millennial generation (ages 18-34) spends the most time on the internet compared to all other generations and typically spend more than others despite the fact they usually are located in the …

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How To Become A Licensed Security Guard in NYS


Becoming a licensed security guard in the state of New York involves obtaining the proper pre-assignment training, submitting appropriate applications and registrations and annual refresher training. These are all requirements for security service jobs in schools, universities, commercial, residential and office buildings, to name a few. Those who wish to become a security guard will need to meet all the …

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The Reality of Becoming a Chef

Becoming a Chef

Achieving your dream of becoming a head chef is no cake-walk. There’s no way to dodge the long hours spent in a sweltering hot environment, or the multiple-hour rush to complete piling orders. Simply put, there’s no shortcut to the top in culinary world. In fact, there are so many other people trying to reach the same goal as you …

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Homeschooling 101

Homeschooling 101

Learn about the history of homeschooling. Learn about how it all started. Furthermore, find out what the common reasons for homeschooling are and also what are the current trends for homeschooling. What do the numbers have to say about homeschooling. Also learn about the pros and cons, different methods and some of the common social activities that homeschoolers can perform. …

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Should You Choose Temporary or Permanent Work?

Temporary or Permanent Work

Finding the right role is harder than most job seekers initially think when they begin their job search. Fortunately, this flowchart quiz from Pertemps can help decide what type of role is suited to a person’s lifestyle through a series of questions. Whether someone has considered temporary or permanent work before, this can help decide what is most suitable and …

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A day in the life of an Ivy Student


We live in an exciting time where online study gives us the ability to further our education and improve career opportunities whilst still balancing our work and family commitments. Technology has provided us with the opportunity to open up our horizons and network with people we may not normally have had the opportunity to communicate with. The way people network …

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5 WAYS Ivy College supports you to reach your career goals


1. Do you often think you would like the opportunity to study but there is no way you could manage to fit it in to your already busy schedule? Here at Ivy College we understand that life can be hectic at times and that work and family commitments can often mean you put yourself on the backseat. Ivy College appreciates …

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A Definitive Guide to Workplace Safety


In an effort to decrease workplace accidents and protect workers on the job, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) developed guidelines for high visibility clothing worn by workers, and classified into 3 groups. Class 1: includes guidelines for those working in traffic conditions who require reflective material to be worn at all times. Class 2: includes specifications for apparel worn …

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Is a Career in Video Games for You? [Flowchart]


Creating your own video games can be an amazing career. Using your creativity to develop ideas for characters, levels, and adventures for millions of people to enjoy is one of the most rewarding professions available. However, becoming a video game designer can be stressful and competitive. To help aspiring game designers figure out if producing their own games is the …

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Meet Robbie G. Singh | Authentic Web Designer


This is an infographic resume created by Robbie G. Singh designed to promote his personal brand. Learn the benefits of using a personal brand and why you should incorporate infographics to promote your personal brand by visiting RobbieSingh.com’s Blog. via robbiesingh.com

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Dealing with students is just like dealing with toddlers

Infographic-Students and toddlers

As many 18 year olds head off to university and the excitement of freshers’ week, an online voucher code website has looked at the similarities students share with toddlers, especially when students are drunk. From being awake all night long, to falling asleep anywhere, questionable clothing choices and see all the ways students and toddlers are the same in the …

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The Top 50 Video Game Design Programs in The US


With the gaming and animation industries growing at an incredible rate, jobs are opening up all over the place for qualified game designers, developers, and animators. To get started you’ll need a great education. That’s why the team at gamedesigning.org identified and ranked the best of the best regarding video game design schools in The United States. Using employment statistics, …

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Discover Your Learning Style


Just like students are different in their passions, at Ivy College we know that students are different in their learning styles. We see these different styles in all our students, across all our colleges. So we encourage our students to discover what their learning strengths are, and then use them to your advantage. Here we have put together an infographic …

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20 facts you didn’t know about eLearning


eLearning is a relatively recent buzz word that was born in 1999, it has nevertheless attracetd substantial amount of attention both from the education as well as the corporate sector. Quite impressively, eLearning has invaded the daily lives of the otherwise procrastinating individuals, luring them to learn and interact on an almost daily basis. This infographic demonstrates how eLearning has …

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Essay Hooks


Every six seconds people feel the urge to turn away. Looking at tiny lines on a screen or a page is not natural. So every six seconds (every sentence), you have to give someone a new hook (James Altucher). You read the first sentence and you know that this piece of writing is not going to be a waste of …

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Rahman Lowe Solicitors – Keeping you on Track


Rahman Lowe Solicitors is a well-known Canary Wharf, London firm that comprises of employment as well as discrimination lawyers that caters for the needs of entrepreneurships and higher-ranking executives. Their main role is providing quality advice on matters that are legally connected. Due to our zeal in this area, this firm has been ranked as the best by the Legal …

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Know your Industry – Graduate Jobs


Are you a student or a graduate looking for a way to start your career journey? Look no more as GradQuiz has simplified everything for you in giving you vital information that will aid in helping you make choices that are educative and informative in commencing your career. Regardless of where you are looking for jobs such as London, UK …

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Get Certified and Get Promoted: The 25 Top Certs for Accountants


Finding a specialty in any industry is a great way to separate yourself from the pack and improve the odds of you either landing a great job, or promoting at your current job. The accounting industry is no different in that continuing your education is a great way to increase your perceived value to other finance professionals. To help you, …

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