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Timeline of influential solar power breakthroughs

Solar Power History

Solar power technology isn’t a new discovery; in fact, it was discovered way back 1800’s when Alexandre-Edmond Becquerel—a nineteen-year old French scientist—was experimenting with an electrolytic cell composed of two metal electrodes. He was surprised as he discovered that the materials would emit energy when exposed to light. That was when PV effect came to light. According to Becquerel, “the …

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Demolition Contractors Explain Long-reach vs. High Reach Excavators

High Reach Excavators

When it comes to demolishing buildings, demolition contractors across the world rely on long-reach and high-reach excavators. However, many people do not understand the differences between the two. This infographic created by Oregon demolition pros examines everything you want to know about these amazing machines. Features, like cabs, buckets, rollers, and tracks are outlined in great detail. Also, there are …

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13 Startling Facts About Floods in the U.S.

13 Startling Facts About Floods in the U.S.

Every year, floods are responsible for destroying properties and displacing families across the United States. Flood damage accounts for billions of dollars spent every year. Take a look at this infographic put together by Chicago’s ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba and share it with friends & family. Let’s raise flood awareness together. via servicemasterbyzaba.com  

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Solar Power Facts and Figures

Solar Power Facts

Are you thinking of join the million households in the UK that have solar panels installed? This could be a fantastic move but it’s best to be equipped with all the facts before you make your decision. This infographic has plenty of information and stats to help guide you. via bswenergy.co.uk

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Why Save Redwoods?

Why Save Redwoods

Did you know that redwoods have been around for millions of years, since dinosaurs and giant sloths roamed the earth? Did you know that the tallest redwood towers above a 37-story building? Our mighty redwoods are not only amazing in size and age, but they provide important benefits for people and wildlife alike. Not only do they provide us with …

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8 Ways To Lower Your Utility Bill This Summer

Utility Bill

When the temperature outside heats up, the temptation to run your air-conditioner on overdrive sounds more and more appealing. However, this decision typically backfires once you receive that dreaded utility bill. Not to mention, surplus power consumption will cripple the environment and drain natural resources. That’s why this infographic from Arctic Air Services offers everyday tips for keeping your home …

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How Solar Thermal Kits Work

Learn how Solar Thermal Kits work to heat your homes water supply using the energy of the sun. See how energy bills and emissions can be lowered with this source of green energy. via globushomes.co.uk

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Why Water Reclamation is Critical to Environmental Health


Whenever people use pressure washing equipment, they create wastewater that runs into our storm drains. That wastewater can contain a lot of dirty chemicals and bacteria that can affect wildlife in surrounding areas. As soon as the wastewater reaches the storm drains, an aqueduct carries that dirty water into a nearby stream or body of water. The stream then feeds …

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Commercial Waste Management

Commercial Waste Management

Why is recycling so important? Many of us ask ourselves this question, and yet continue to throw paper and cardboard into the bin. But do you know what kind of an impact this has on the environment? The team at Dial-a-Bin have put together an interesting infographic with facts and statistics on why recycling is so important. For example did …

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8 Ways to Lower Your Utility Bill


No one enjoys spending money on their utility bills and we’re always looking for ways to save. Did you know that having your ceiling fan run constantly can add about $7 to your total utility bill? Also by using cold water when doing laundry, you can save up to $3 a month too! This infographic dives into saving tips to …

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Shining a Light on Light Pollution

Light Pollution

Daylight is the major driver behind the natural cycles of the human body, known as circadian rhythms. When urban areas and residential neighborhoods produce light that spills into unwanted areas, it can affect circadian rhythms and increase the risk for health problems like cancer and obesity. via naturebright.com

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E-Waste – How Much Do We Produce Globally?

Find out how much electrical waste (e-waste) we produced in 2014 globally. Detailing the weight, types and the countries producing the most e-waste. See how this compares to previous years, with weight predictions for the future. via pureplanetrecycling.co.uk

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5 Tips To Get Your Insulation Right

Did you know that air leaking from an improperly sealed home wastes 25-40% of the energy used for heating and cooling? Here are 5 steps to get your insulation right. Via: Spray Foam Insulation Kit Manufacturer

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Infographic: How to Save Energy in Your Home

save energy

There are so many ways to save that little bit of extra energy around the home. From updating appliances to more efficient models, to switching off at the wall; with so many tips to follow it can feel like being put in a washing machine. The graphic below is a great place to start when wanting to start energy saving …

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Infographic: Eco-Friendly Paint Disposal, From Household to Industrial


Proper paint disposal is key to a clean environment and clean health. Unfortunately, many people do not know the risks involved from throwing out paint with their everyday garbage. This infographic sheds light on the large amount of paint that is purchased each year and the negative effects brought on by irresponsible disposal. We offer many tips on how to …

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Infographic: Carb Compliance in Trucks


Suddath is committed to staying ahead of the operational and financial impacts of CARB (California Air Resources Board) truck and bus regulations, keeping our customers and partners informed and on the road. For nearly a century, Suddath has been the mover of choice for both families and many of America’s Fortune 500 companies. Whether you are moving yourself or you …

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Infographic: “Go Wild” for National Parks


Join the National Park Foundation as they celebrate National Park Week, April 19-27. Learn more about America’s treasured places and celebrate National Park Week by sharing this infographic. Plan adventures, share memories , and join the National Park Community at www.nationalparkweek.org

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Earth Day: 30 of the Greenest Cities on the Planet


The folks at Ecocleen Services have put together this infographic to celebrate Earth Day. The theme of Earth Day this April 22nd 2014 is ‘Green Cities’, which means over a billion people around the world will help to highlight the importance of living in a sustainable city with a focus on improving our environment.

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Infographic: Pest Control UK – Facts & Figures


Did you know it is estimated you are never more than 6 foot from a rat? A rather unsettling thought I hope you agree. Pest Control is a very important industry and one not many people know a great deal about. This infographic looks to highlights the various types of pests often found and where in the UK they are …

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Infographic: Create an Economically Friendly Home


From solar panels and loft insulation to energy saving bulbs and heat pumps, technology has come on leaps and bounds in recent years with the aim of making our homes eco-smart and energy efficient. With such an emphasis on self-sufficiency, you can now make substantial savings on your monthly energy bills all with a few simple home improvements. With thanks …

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Infographic: What is Light Pollution?


Light pollution refers to the various ways in which artificial light can negatively impact our natural environment. The four most common categories of light pollution are urban glow, glare, light clutter, and light trespass. Urban glow casts an unnatural light over towns and cities, leading nocturnal animals to become disoriented. Workers exposed to an overabundance of nighttime light, such as …

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Infographic: The Safe Road to Hazardous Waste Disposal


In 2009, the United States generated 32,285,300 tons of hazardous materials. Some was burned for energy, some was stabilized for long-term containment, and some was buried or incinerated. Many people are uninformed on what constitutes hazardous material as well as the methods used for proper disposal. The folks at www.wastex.com have put together this infographic that explains specific information that is …

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Infographic: Sustainable Technology


Recycling has very much become part of society with households recycling glass, plastic and cardboard on a weekly basis, however our recycling efforts seem to fail when technology is concerned. The noughties alone have seen a rapid development in commercial and household technology with the internet becoming accessible to all on a wireless 24/7 palm of the hand basis. Touch …

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