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48 Different Facial Hair Styles For Men

Facial Hair Styles For Men

Looking to change up your style? Let’s start with your face! In this infographic, you’ll find 48 different types of facial hair. Some styles that we’ve included you may have never even heard of, and most likely, never have seen. Don’t worry though, we wanted to make sure every man out there has each and every style available for them …

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Fashion Tips for Short Men


Just because you are short, that doesn’t mean you can’t look trendy. Most of the time, height has to do with perception, this style for short men guide will show help you choose the right clothing to make you be more confident, fashionable and taller. via shortofheight.com

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A tuxedo is the most formal attire you will ever have the pleasure of wearing but what else do you know about this inimitable suit? Here we take a look at the 5 key components of the always suave tuxedo. via www.montagio.com.au

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The History of Lipstick


Interesting facts about lipstick! Quick and cute infographic about lipstick’s rise to most popular beauty product over the last 100 years. via sexydresses.com

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Spring 2015 Shoe Trends


With spring just around the corner, now is a great time to look into the hottest shoe trends of 2015. Colors, looks and incredible features were analyzed to assist you in determining which shoe trending you’ll be rocking when warmer weather comes through! via shop.marmishoes.com

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Fat Wallet becoming a Pain? Beat the Bulge, NOW!


The only time it’s acceptable to have a wallet you can barely close is when it’s full of crisp £50 notes, chances are, it’s not – unless you’re the Monopoly man. It’s much more likely that your wallet is crammed full of redundant cards, £3.20 in coppers and a loyalty card from that bar you went to once. Guide your …

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Infographic: Heading To A Wedding?


Get to know your perfect wedding guest outfits, based on eye colour, hair colour and skin tone. Make sure you look fantastic at any wedding this year, by knowing exactly what suits you. Brought to you by motherofthebrideoutfits.co.uk

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Infographic: Put a Stache On It

Put a Stache On It inf

Let’s face it. Whether you like it or not, mustaches are everywhere. I’m not talking about the upper lip garnishes embodied by Ron Swanson. Even more popular than in its facial hair form, the icon of the mustache has been pervading Urban Outfitters, Etsy, cupcake bakeries, and even tattoo parlors. PUT A STACHE ON IT delves into the heart of …

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Plus Size Guide to Summer Fashion Trends


Are you looking for the best plus size summer fashion trends? Look no further, the folks at alight.com have created this infographic, “Your Plus Size Guide to Summer Fashion Trends,” to give you some pointers on navigating your way to the perfect summer wardrobe.

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Infographic: THE BAG EMPIRE!


We are thrilled to introduce this infographic we just rolled out: THE BAG EMPIRE! Our Empire is made up of 4 lands The first land: OH MY GODS Like the mighty gods, meet some of today’s most iconic, “reach for the sky”, luxurious labels… Only divine genius could realize such bags. So iconic, immortal, unique, owning them gives an incomparably …

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Infographic: The Best Scrubs Looks for your Body Shape by Uniform Advantage


Just because you wear scrubs, does not mean you have to look boring. In the last decade, scrub designs have become very fashionable and professional in their designs. They are more comfortable, available in a wide variety of solid colors and print designs and for women, they complement our curves! Amen! Uniform Advantage came up with this body shape tool …

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Infographic: The Purely Fashion 2013 Annual Trend Report

The folks at Team Purely spent their post-New Year’s looking back at their fashionable users’ most loved looks and most influential designers. From leather to lace, the MET costume gala‘s punk theme to Public School’s CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund win – we’ve kept tabs on it all.

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Infographic: Your Color Psychology Guide for Medical Scrubs


Today is a new day and what are you going to wear to work? Should you wear your blue scrubs, green scrubs or for our guys, two-toned solid color scrub top or a UA Best Buy print with “In Disguise Black” with a solid color pant? Choices…..Choices……When you look your best, you feel your best and that is where Uniform …

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New York Fashion Week – Visual Revolution Round-Up


For Fashion Week designers, making a splash online has become just as important as making a splash in New York. Check out our infographic below on how the who’s who of New York Fashion Week utilized social platforms, devices, and live engagement. Brought to you by getchute.com

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Infographic: Men’s Fashion Advice


Choosing the right outfit for a special occasion is necessary in order to make the right impression on your date, guests or friends. If you would classify yourself as being a big and tall man, you may have found it difficult in the past to find the right clothes to fit your frame. Before you get starting choosing pieces of …

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Infographic: The History Behind Your Favorite Tee


Classic T-shirts have proven to be one of the simplest and effective ways for someone to show off their personality. Whether it is a concert tee from a show that you went to last week or an “I [heart] NY” tee from your last trip to the Big Apple, each T-shirt that you buy says a lot about you and …

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An infographic on fashion trends from today and tomorrow


Have you ever wondered how fashion trends get started? Like all things in life, history seems to repeat itself. Trends that are popular today are the same ones that were hip when your grandparents were growing up! Nowadays, people refer to this trend and culture as “hipster,” but what does that even mean? Fortunately for you, there is this infographic …

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Infographic: How To Spot Fake Fashion


Are you obsessed with designer labels but worried about buying a cheap copy? Can you tell a fake from a genuine item? Our infographic has some great tips to help you avoid buying counterfeit items. Brought to you londonisthereason.com

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