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13 Best Stretch Exercises for Wheelchair Users


New infographic created by a power wheelchair company KD Smart Chair, visualizes the best 13 stretching exercises for wheelchair users. Sitting long hours in a wheelchair may cause back pains, stress, joint discomfort, muscle tensions. Performing these stretching exercises, wheelchair bound individuals can reduce stress, receive back pains, improve posture and improve blood circulation. Sitting too long in a wheelchair ...

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Zeva Smykker


A small infographics for the new marketing campaign for Zeva Smykker. It displays some of our new products such as necklaces, earrings, necklaces etc. Zeva Smykker have just relaunched their new website at http://www.zeva.dk and have launched a large marketing campaign to inform people about this. One of the parts of this campaign is this infographics to help people learn ...

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Mommy Makeover: When Will You Be Ready?


If you’re planning on attending a big event and can’t wait to show off the results of your “mommy makeover,” you’ll want to make sure you time your surgery right. Use the infographic below to make sure you’re happy, healed, and ready to reveal your changes in time for the big day! via americanboardcosmeticsurgery.org

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Why Russian Hair Is The Best


Why Russian Hair Is The Best? Russian hair is naturally soft and silky, easy to style and colour. With appropriate After Care the Russian hair can last for up to one year. We offer a Free consultation and bespoke colour match with your natural hair. Sublime Hair Extensions London is a Russian Hair expert offering bespoke hand made Clip-Ins Extensions, ...

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Which Are The Best HCG Drops For You


Knowing which HCG Drops you should choose is not easy. There are prescription HCG Drops and Homeopathic HCG Drops. Our infographic helps you to decide on the best one for your needs, simply start at the top and answer the questions as you go and that will guide you to the best one. via theultimatehcgdrops.com

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Spinal Cord Injuries


This spinal cord injury infographic looks at some related facts, statistics, spinal cord injury treatments, and specialist treatment centres. via claim500.co.uk

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Making Your Home Wheelchair Accessible


KD Smart Chair, manufacturer of lightweight folding power wheelchairs, has recently released an infographic that visualizes how to make a wheelchair accessible home. By following this blueprint for every room in the house, wheelchair users can make everyday activities at home much more simpler and more convenient for them. Discover how to make modification to a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, garage, ...

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Affronter le Cancer de la Prostate


Le cancer de la prostate est le cancer le plus fréquent chez l’homme. Cette infographie résume les chiffres clés à retenir ainsi que les méthodes de diagnostic. via urologie-davody.fr

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HGH vs Peptides


This infographic gives a nice quick overview comparing HGH to Peptides. We cover cost benefits, safety, effects and more. It is a must see infographic for anybody that is considering taking HGH. via fitnessedge.net

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7 Damn Good Health Reasons To Drink Coffee


Are you trying to cut back on coffee through fear it might be damaging your health? Well you’ll be pleased to hear there are actually loads of health benefits of drinking coffee. See below for our top 7 benefits of drinking coffee. via doppiocoffee.co.uk

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10 Benefits of Massage Therapy


This infographic by Body Kneads Massage on the Gold Coast displays some of the benefits of regular massage therapy. Some such as the relaxation and pain relief benefits are obvious, others such as the positive effect on your immune system may be less well known. via bodykneadsmassage.com.au

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10 Benefits of L-Carnitine Injections


There are many benefits to using L-Carnitine Injections. Not only can it help improve fat metabolism and muscle building potential but you may also notice improved energy levels, clearer brain function and an overall increase in stamina and power. via theweightlossshot.com

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Types of Hearing Aids


There are 35 million hard of hearing in the US and about 10 million hard of hearing in the UK. In the vast majority of cases, the use of hearing aids will help manage the condition thereby helping retain good quality of life. There are six types of hearing aids and knowing which to purchase isn’t always clear. Until now. ...

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Infant Deaths From Tipover TVs


Deaths from Tipover TVs are finally dropping after a seven year rise from youngsters climbing furniture, the statistics are still shocking, a child dies every other week from a fall involving furniture. 70% of the those falls involve a tipping over of a TV. via tvfurnituredirect.com

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Fire Seals Direct have produced this infographic to provide you with all the information you need to ensure your workplace is fire safe. Whether you are a certified or non-certified premises, a simple list of important pointers have been laid out for you to follow and check off for yourself. With an additional list of common causes of fire in ...

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Teeth Whitening Statistics


This is a simple infograph showing how popular teeth whitening is compared to both men and women, and which countries in the world that bleaches their teeth the most. Not all numbers are precise, because some of the data is old statistics and some of it new. via hvidegebisser.dk

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The Hazards of Manual Handling


This infographic has been created by SHS Handling using the most recent data collected by HSE (Health & Safety Executive). Illustrating the statistics regarding manual handling accidents in the UK during 2013-2014, SHS have shown how manual handling injuries can affect both victims and businesses. With a list of the most common injuries caused by manual handling, you can familiarise ...

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Everything You Need to Know About Indoor Air Pollution


Indoor air pollution is not really a popular concept, nevertheless, it does exist. It can also be surprisingly fatal, causing about 7.7% off the total mortalities in the world in 2012. Considering the fact that we spend around 90% of our time indoors, this calls for a more active stance on battling indoor air pollution to ensure that the air ...

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Health Effects of Radon

Radon Health Facts

Radon is an odorless, colorless, tasteless radioactive gas that forms from the decay of radioactive elements, such as uranium, in rocks and soil throughout the world. Radon is prevalent in many US homes, and has been proven to cause cancer. This infographic shares some startling statistics from the EPA and other health organizations on the health impact of Radon. via ...

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Stress by Debt


From sleepless nights to suicide. A data driven graphic representing over 40,000 Americans suffering with stress and anxiety because of their debt. via financing-usa.com

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