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Interesting Facts Infographics

Infographic: How Fast Can You be a Millionaire?


Gumtree ZA has created an interactive Infographic for South Africans that shows them how long it will take to become a millionaire. To start, the person enters either an annual salary or their current job title. After a salary or a job is selected, the person will learn how many years it will take them to earn R 1,00,000. The ... Read More »

Infographic: Happy St. Patricks Day


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! To get in the spirit, here is everything you need to know to have the best St. Patrick’s Day. From learning how to cook up the best Corned Beef & Cabbage, to pouring the perfect pint of Guinness, your St. Paddy’s day will be filled with food, and fun. For those who are looking for a ... Read More »

Infographic: How to Delete Yourself from the Internet


The folks at whoishostingthis.com have put together this  handy guide on how to delete yourself from the internet. What happens on the Internet stays on the Internet and Social media has made our life’s an open book. The internet has made it possible for personal details to be a quick search term away, remember anything and everything you do on the internet stays ... Read More »

Infographic: 10 Winter Games Slip Ups


Being a professional winter sports athlete can be a particularly dangerous pastime. With the Winter Games at Sochi ramping up the competition for Olympic medals, the folks at decided to Paul Rooney Legal take a look at some of the worst injuries sustained by winter sports professions at the games. Read More »

Infographic: Can You Read Emotions?


Think perception is one of your strengths? This infographic helps readers understand how to read other’s emotions. From joy to disgust, and everything in between, you can become a master of reading facial expressions. And this infographic can help. Brought to you by pokersites.com Read More »

Infographic: The Science of Vacuum Oven Drying


Vacuum oven drying is used for everything from BHO extraction to drying temperature-sensitive products. The medical device, food and aerospace industries have been using this method for decades. Our infographic illustrates the science behind how vacuum oven drying works as well as the many benefits gained from this technique. Brought to you by cascadetek.com Read More »

Infographic: 13 Worst States To Be A Burglar


We’ve come a long way from chopped-off hands and the stockades, but the fate of burglars still varies widely depending where you are, even within the US. While some states let thieves off with a slap on the wrist, others lock them up for life. The folks at simplisafe.com dug into the states that are hardest on burglars, and explored what ... Read More »

Infographic: Diamond Engagement Rings and Diamond Stud Earrings


One word you never think about when buying diamond engagement rings and diamond stud earrings is “cheap”. Thankfully, at DiamondStudsWholesale.com we have brought our costs down so low we can finally sell real affordable diamond earrings. But what is the evolution of diamond stud earrings? This Infographic takes a look at the history of diamond engagement rings and diamond stud ... Read More »

Infographic: The Biggest Beauty Turn-Offs According to Men


According to men, if we are spending too much time layering on the make up and not paying enough attention to the smaller things, such as our nails, then we are doing something wrong. This recent study questioned a large group of men about what beauty habits turn then off the most. Along with things such as dark lip liner ... Read More »

Infographic: How Likely Are You To Get Burgled?


Ever wondered the chances of you getting burgled in California, Texas, and New York? Well now you can find out in less than 5 seconds using this useful interactive from SimpliSafe Home Security. Pretty interesting to see the local changes over the past few years and how it speaks to safety Click image to open interactive version (via SimpliSafe). Read More »

America’s Hangover: Prohibition Unintended Consequences


Under the Volstead Act, saloons once packed full were emptied, barrels of whisky were poured into the streets, and the taps went dry. However the unexpected and unfortunate consequences of prohibiting alcohol would ultimately put an end to America’s noble experiment with “The Dry Movement”. Take a look at this interesting infographic put together by the folks at Mocavo Genealogy ... Read More »

Infographic: How to Prepare Your Car for Winter


Winter is coming: is your car ready? Winter’s wet and icy roads can pose a great danger to drivers, and those who take their cars out on the road without the proper preparation will be at further risk. In order to help you stay safe out there when the cold weather comes, SpareFoot has put together the following infographic detailing ... Read More »

Infographic: The Face Of Road Rage


Do you know what the typical road rage offender looks like? Do you know that they have a certain profile? Research shows that the average road rager is male (no surprise really), however, not by a large margin. Males account for 56% of offenders and females 44%. The most common act done by a person with road rage is swearing ... Read More »

Infographic: Is Our Police Force Turning into a Military?


As new advances in weaponry come to light and tensions rise, the United States’ police is responding in new ways. Many believe those who serve and protect are turning into a militarized force. This hypothesis can be confirmed with the increase of “no knock” SWAT team infiltrations by 4000% in the last thirty years. Back in the 80′s, roughly 3000 ... Read More »

Infographic: Do Your Teeth Define Your Personality


One of the first things we notice when we meet someone new is his or her teeth. Are they white enough, straight or crooked, false? People even have a tendency to judge someone by the look of his or her teeth. So what does you smile say about you? What do your teeth say about your personality? Millions of dollars ... Read More »

Infographic: Moving Trends in the U.S.


Are you and your family planning on moving this year? Whether it is just down the road to a new home or across the country to pursue a new career opportunity, there are a lot of things to discuss when making a move. First, you need to decide where your new home will be located. This includes the state, city ... Read More »

Infographic: Frightening Facts About Nuclear Weapons


Frightening facts about nuclear weapons exist in today’s world. It is scary to think that several countries have nuclear weapons at their disposal that they would not hesitate to use in certain circumstances. As the world is in the atomic age, the famous quote by George Wald comes to mind: “The only use for an atomic bomb is to keep ... Read More »

Infographic: Things You Didn’t Know About Ebay


We all love Ebay! The bid wars, bargains, and the unique finds. It is also a great place where a lot and we mean it a lot of weird stuff is on sale! In this infographic we’ve included only the most ‘unique’ items that are on sale on Ebay. The most expensive item that was sold on Ebay is a Gulfstream ... Read More »