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Interesting Facts Infographics

Motorcycle Helmet Safety

As a motorcycle rider, the best thing you can do to protect yourself is to wear a helmet every time you are out on the road. Studies have shown that bikers that wear their helmets are 29% less likely to be fatally injured in a crash, and are 3x less likely to sustain a Traumatic Brain Injury in an accident. …

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Guide to the World’s Tallest Buildings


From the Dubai’s Burj Khalifa to London’s Big Ben, it’s not always just being tall that gets buildings noticed. Working with Cherry Pickers and scaling some of the UK’s steepest verticals on a regular basis, here at MC Property Maintenance we wanted to see how many of our famed trailored towers it would take to reach the top. So, an …

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What Happens at Court After a DUI Arrest


It can be overwhelming to get charged with a DUI. There are a lot of factors that affect your situation. You might be wondering what will happen next or uncertain as to what’s going on. This infographic outlines what you can plan for in court, and some of the best steps you can take leading up to your hearing. via …

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Getting falsely accused is more common than you think. Sometimes the wrong person even gets convicted in court. Circumstances like these are unfortunate but real. Innocent people have spent years in jail for crimes they didn’t commit. Fighting false accusations can be an uphill battle. It can feel as though you are guilty until proven innocent. It happens too often …

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Interesting Facts About the Bathroom


The Brighton Bathroom Company is Sussex’s premium bathroom design and installation specialist, with over 10 years experience in providing the highest quality products to the most specific of design briefs. With a philosophy that it should be an interior design led experience where bathroom product choice is just one aspect of your project. Consideration towards textures, colours, accessories and finishes …

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10 Astonishing Facts about Arc Flash


This infographic lists 10 facts that demonstrate the dangers of arc flash. Creating awareness can prompt people to take the necessary actions to protect themselves from arc flash. via

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10 Most Expensive Cars Ever Sold at Auction

Most Expensive Cars

These are the 10 most expensive cars ever sold at auction. Interestingly, or unsurprisingly, 9 of 10 ten cars are Ferrari’s, with just one Mercedes making the line up! What makes these cars so valuable? A combination of rich racing histories, celebrity ownership, and rarity. For example, the 1964 Ferarri 275 Speciale (which comes in at number 4) is one …

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Companies That Started in the Garage

Companies That Started in the Garage

Wessex Garage Doors make high quality doors for high quality garages… but what about the high quality that goes on inside said garages? Well, after recently looking into bands that started in the garage – special attention was given to discover which of the world’s biggest and best companies also started from the cobwebbed confides of a garage… From HP …

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The Benefits of Car Leasing


The infographic demonstrates the benefits of car leasing. It shows the percentage difference in cost between the usual finance option and the car leasing monthly costs. It also demonstrates that depreciation is a serious factor when buying a car and that car leasing gets rid of that issue because the car is handed back rather than needed to be sold. …

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Toilet Humour – Ridiculous Facts About the Toilet

Toilet Humour

GigLoo specialise in luxury portable toilets and showers for hire for outdoor, private and commercial events in South East England, including London, Sussex and Surrey. Utilising 100% recyclable materials to provide functional and hygienic facilities, we can cater for weddings, music festivals, public events and much more. Contact us today for serviced events and full client satisfaction. via

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Life of Medias


‘Media’, which transmit information from one person to another, keep on evolving every day and make one’s life convenient. According to my research on such a media, its life period, viz. decodable period is getting shorter and shorter as the times go by. We are now able to process and save a large amount of information by arranging information using …

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The 10 Most Hazardous Jobs in the U.S.

Hazardous Jobs

The Bureau of Labor Statistics regularly publishes data concerning hazardous jobs and workplaces. We used the most recent data available to make this infographic, displaying the 10 most hazardous jobs. We combined the data with humorous illustrations to help people stay engaged. Most of the top ten hazardous jobs are pretty obvious, but there may be one or two in …

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Advice for First Time Shooters

First Time Shooters

Clay shooting is a great outdoor sports – especially if you haven’t previously given it a go before. This visual infographic from Honesberie Shooting School tells you everything you need to know if you’re a beginner at the sport, from what to wear to top tips, it’s a great guide to clay shooting success. Just remember, it’s a skill, so practice makes perfect and …

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We Care About Our Veterans – Veteran Statistics


The Veterans Statistics Infographic displays information on Veteran homelessness, financial needs, medical needs, suicide rates, and more. We hope that our infographic will allow people to see how big of an issue this is and bring some urgency to try and help solve it. via

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World Book Day World Records

Book Day World Records

To celebrate World Book Day Tickled Pink Fancy Dress has rounded up some of the best World Book Day World Records and we have to admit that some are pretty incredible. Now in its 19th year, World Book Day has grown from strength to strength with children all over the World celebrating the event. Children are encouraged to dress up …

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InternationalWomensDay: Twice as many girls as boys will never start school


Twice as many girls as boys will never start school says UNESCO eAtlas launched in advance of International Women’s Day. In the run-up to International Women’s Day on 8 March, the UNESCO eAtlas of Gender Inequality in Education shows that girls are still the first to be denied the right to education despite all the efforts and progress made over …

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If you’re someone who’s keen to dig out your tool box and tackle jobs around the home then this infographic from CBY Tools gives you some essential stats and facts. For example, you may not know that almost HALF of us injure ourselves when doing DIY; 7% of us have injured someone else, too. Get clued up on how much …

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Top five container ship ports in the U.S.

Container Ship Ports in the U.S.

Selecting the right port to send or receive goods can make a difference in the time and cost of your shipments. The following ports are the most popular in the U.S., and some of the most experienced at handling international shipments. via

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