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Interesting Facts Infographics

The Top US Casino Wins


Ever wondered how some people have managed to strike it lucky and win big at the casino? Empire City Online Casino has put together a graphic tale of the Top US Casino Wins. Read more about how these ordinary people managed to make their mega millions by sheer chance. via play.empirecitycasino.com

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Happy Mother’s Day


Hooray for all moms! May this day bring lots of happiness. USSelfStorage.com wants to congratulate all the moms and thank them for all their sacrifices. Enjoy your day! via usselfstorage.com

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8 Facts About Adoption


Thousands of kids are being adopted by families and couples in America, here’s an infographic showing some fun and interesting facts about adoption. via fashionstork.com

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Titan Pipelines Under Your Feet


Oil is essential to our everyday lives, but pipelines may not be something you think about on a daily basis. Check out why pipelines are so beneficial and which ones cover the most area in the United States. You may be surprised by what you find! via cutandcouple.com

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Boating Accident Statistics and Facts


El Dabe Law Firm created this infographic to showcase some interesting statistics and facts about boating accidents including the top 5 causes of boat accidents. Via: El Dabe Law Firm of Los Angeles

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Benefits of Soundproof Windows


If you want windows that eliminate up to 95% of bothersome outside noise while also providing cleanliness and efficiency, soundproofing is the way to go. If you’re worried about heavy in-home construction or losing the current visual appeal of your windows, our soundproof windows don’t involve either of these woes. CitiQuiet windows are an easy choice from start to finish, ...

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Tummy Tuck vs. Mini Tummy Tuck


Before committing to a plastic surgery it is important to note the differences between procedures, recovery time and more. If you desire a firm, flat stomach then take a look at the differences between tummy tuck and mini tummy tuck to decide which surgery would be best for you. via newlooknewlife.com

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Car Crashing Statistics


The folks at schoolmatters.com have put together this interesting infographic giving you the latest car crashing statistics. Via: Burbank Personal Injury Lawyers

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Ashes to Ashes – Cremations are on the rise


Cremations are on the rise, only fifty years ago a tiny fraction of Americans chose to be cremated after dead. Take as look at this infographic on how cremations are becoming more and more popular. Via: Heritage Cremation Provider

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How Safe Is Your Area


Do you know how safe your area is? Whether you’ve lived in your local area since childhood or you’ve recently moved there, here’s your chance to find out about the area in question. Check out this infographic created by the experts at CIA Landlords and take a look at the crime rates in your area. Find out everything from how ...

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Private Attorney vs Public Defender


This infographic put together by the folks at Los Angeles Criminal Lawyers Farar Law Group tells you about the pro’s and con’s of hiring a private criminal defense attorney like themselves, versus hiring a public defender. Via: Los Angeles Criminal Lawyers Farar Law Group

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Why convertibles are popular in the UK


Although most people think of the UK as being a rainy place throughout the year, the truth is that the summer is actually an ideal time not only for road tripping but also for cruising with the top down in a sporty convertible. If you want proof that convertibles are actually quite popular throughout the UK, check out this infographic, ...

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Infographic: The World’s Most Shocking Security Breaches


Get to know the details or some of the world’s most shocking security breaches in this infographic by 1st Ace Security. Take a close look at images or the events as well as the pictures of those involved, while also reading in depth explanations of what went down and how the criminals pulled it off. The infographic features the Great ...

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Infographic: Shoplifting is America’s #1 Property Crime


Shoplifting is a major crime that costs companies billions of dollars each year. This expensive addiction affects nearly 1-in-11 people (both children and adults) daily all over the world. Common items stolen range from groceries to high-end electronics that can be taken in a variety of different ways.

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Infographic: Breakfast Trends Around the World


This infographic put together by the folks at ChefWorks will take you on a trip around the world, giving you a “taste” of what people cook and eat for breakfast in different countries. There are many health benefits associated with eating breakfast, so grab your forks, grab your spoons, and dig in!

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Infographic: Weird and Wacky Driving Rules from Around the World


In this infographic, you will learn all about the weird and wacky driving rules from around the world! Not obeying road rules can lead to a range of consequences – you may receive a hefty fine, crash your car or in the worst case scenario you could be thrown behind bars! If you need help following an accident, feel free ...

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Infographic: Real cost of vehicle ownership


This infographic shows you the sticker price is not the most important factor when deciding what make and model to buy. Use this as a guide to ensure you make the best decision on what model to buy. The start of this year demonstrates the problem. Ignoring the weather which was particularly cold, 2014 saw a year-on-year fall in the ...

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