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Infographic: Stop Running From Your Home Energy Bill


Real smart, green living is here with ADT Pulse. It lets you control and monitor your home via any of your mobile devices; all you need is an Internet connection. Never worry about whether you’ve closed the garage door, turned off an appliance or left the lights on. With ADT Pulse, you can remotely manage everything with the press of ... Read More »

Let the Kids Run! The Importance of Playing Outside


Childhood obesity is a rising health epidemic. While this trend is starting to stagnate, it is not declining. This infographic examines the causes of childhood obesity, from the insane amounts of sugar and extra calories kids are getting to the lack of physical activity most kids are getting. For example, did you know that most Americans are consuming an extra ... Read More »

Duct Cleaning Services: What’s Hiding in Your Air Ducts?


Believe it or not, dirty air ducts can greatly reduce your indoor air quality. This infographic describes the benefits of regular air duct cleaning to improve indoor air quality and remove common contaminants that can negatively impact your health! Brought to you by AAA Heating and Cooling Read More »

Patio Covers: Choosing The Right One


Consumers have options when it comes to choosing patio covers as well as deck covers. One primary decision that has to be made first is a more natural wood patio cover or an aluminum patio cover that requires very little maintenance. Before a trip to the local lumber store is made, consumers should have access to more information about the ... Read More »

Infographic: The Cosmetics Industry


This infographic tells the story about the cosmetics industry and the dominant players that hold the market. The infographic also highlight regulations and the use of harmful chemicals. Brought to you by Read More »

Infographic: Habits of the Wealthiest People


The world’s wealthiest people have habits and routines that set them apart from much of society. But it’s notable to mention that practicing all their habits won’t make you wealthier. Brought to you by Read More »

Infographic: Are burglars watching your home?


There is a good chance that burglars are watching your home, while you are away at work. Many burglaries happen between the hours of 10 am and 3 pm. Are your valuables protected? Home safes are a great way to protect your valuables from thieves. While home security systems are important ways to protect your home from entry, if a ... Read More »

Infographic: The Complete History of Electronic Cigarette


Joyetech UK have released a helpful infographic designed to help people best understand electronic cigarettes, their benefits and what they contain. The infographic ‘Electronic Cigarette 101’ is designed to help people understand 5 basic sections of electronic cigarette in the guise of 5 school lessons – history, maths, science, business and ecology. Read More »

Infographic: How Does an Air Conditioning System Work?


How does the air conditioning in your home work? Well, it’s a pretty well known fact that the chunk of metal on the outside of your home makes your house cool in the summer. But what about that copper tube that disappears into your home? Have you ever wondered why that’s there? Oh, and how does the cool air get ... Read More »

Infographic: Decorate Your Family Tree with a Personalized Ornament!


This holiday season, the Personalization Mall family is excited to provide our loyal customers with a fun gift guide so you are 100% satisfied with your personalized ornament – and we’re thrilled to be able to open our doors and invite you to help us Decorate Our Family Tree this year! Are you ready to get started? Brought to you ... Read More »

Infographic: 2014 Interior Design Trends


The 2014 home, according to this new infographic from, has certain buzzwords and and rules of thumb. If you want a handy guide on which colors, patterns, textures, use of space, and the kind of appliances and decor to go for, this would be it. Brought to you by Read More »

Infographic: Furnace Maintenance Tips to Keep You Warm All Winter


You can be sure you are warm this winter with regular furnace maintenance. This infographic shows common signs that your unit may be in need of repair. Learn how to know if you should repair or replace and how to know how efficient your furnace is. These tips can provide a warm house, saved energy and reduced electric bills. Brought ... Read More »

Infographic: Top 5 Most Reliable Vehicles by Claim Rate


According to this infographic that was published just a few weeks ago Toyota Corolla was ranked as the most reliable vehicle by claim rate. This news comes as a sigh of relief to countless drivers as the Toyota Corolla was also the second best-selling car in 2012. Pickup trucks were found to be the most reliable (29% claim rate) type ... Read More »

Infographic: A brief history of sitting fashionably


The Furniture Market have recently released an infographic based around the history of the chair and how the design has come to fruition throughout the centuries. This inspiring infographic is a small guide to perding and parking in style through the ages informing about comfort and style levels of different seating furniture. Brought to you by Read More »

Hydronic Radiant Heating: How it Works, Pros & Cons, And More


Are you aware of the benefits of Hydronic radiant heating? If not, then this infographic is a great resource for you! Learn about the pros and cons of radiant heating, the different radiant heat distribution methods and heat sources used to warm rooms in your home and more. Curious to find out if a radiant floor heating system is right for ... Read More »

Infographic: Build a Deck to Expand Your Outdoor Living Space


This infographic demonstrates the growing popularity in customized outdoor living spaces. Many people use their deck or patio as the foundation to creating this space and add on additional amenities to create their ideal environment. Learn about the ROI of these home add-ons as well as important tips for deck building, including the difference between materials and important questions to ... Read More »

Infographic: The Ultimate Guide on Electric Fireplaces vs. Wood, Gas & Oil


Do you need a new fireplace in your home? With so many different types of fireplaces currently available in stores today, this task can quickly become overwhelming unless you have the necessary information. This infographic will come in handy it provides all of the facts that you would need to educate yourself on electric, wood, gas and oil fireplaces. Brought ... Read More »

Infographic: Set the Mood in Your Room: It’s Simple!


When you can take pride in your home, that could make you feel more excited about inviting people over to visit and also let you begin to view your residence as a peaceful sanctuary that gives restoration after a stressful day. However, those advantages don’t happen without a little effort. It’s necessary to put some thought into the colors, décor ... Read More »

Infographic: Who Will Make The Wedding Guest List?


Weddings are a joyous event with the excitement of spending the rest of your lives together. There are however a few sticking points along the way and the wedding guest list will certainly be one of them. Lets us take the pain away from deciding who comes and who doesn’t with this fabulous infograph. Brought to you by Read More »

Infographic: The Cost Of A True Cinderella Wedding


When Prince Charming met his Cinderella for the first time at the royal ball, he fell in love at the first sight. The happy couple were planning a big and magical wedding and invited all their loved ones to celebrate the happy occasion together. The King and Queen of Far Far Away must have spent a quite large sum for ... Read More »