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Prostate Massages Are Good For Your Health

Prostate Massages Are Good For Your Health

Many people are interested yet apprehensive or unsure about the ins and outs of a prostate massage. Not to worry, all your questions are answered here! Many people are unaware of the amazing benefits of this massage, so to answer all your questions we’ve put together an ultimate prostate massage guide which nicely illustrates exactly what a prostate is, where …

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Safe Oral Sex – Stay safe and free from STDs

safe sex

Sex is a pleasurable, awesome experience that everyone should enjoy. If you’re single and ready to mingle, make sure that you’re practicing safe sex with all of your partners. It’s worth talking to your partners about whether or not you’re in a monogamous or open relationship. Even if you’re in a monogamous relationship, be sure that both you and your …

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9 Reasons Kissing is Good for Your Health

9 reasons kissing is good for health

Kissing is one of the best things we can enjoy while alive. It’s like a special gift any human being can share and receive. Without kissing, how boring any romantic relationships could be? Without kissing, how can we express our affection to the opposite sex? Sure, there may be other forms of affection such as hugging, cuddling, and sex, but …

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What Men Say In Their First Online Dating Message

online dating tips

The first message you send to a woman when dating online is critical to success. You need to get her attention and stand out from all the other guys who are bombarding her with messages. How do you do that though? We spent months collecting and analyzing thousands of initial online dating messages that were sent to women across the …

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Busting The Blue Waffles Disease Myth

Blue Waffles Disease

If you have ever come across the blue waffles disease then it might be frightening to you.Discover the truth behind this disease which will shock you.If you have not heard anything about Blue Waffles, fine! You will hear only what is necessary and also be sure not to get any false information. But if you have heard a little or …

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Divorce Storm Forecast


A recent survey of divorce couples shows a few behaviors which may be predictors of when a divorce storm is looming. via rightlawyers.com

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American woman 18-24 most likely to fake her climax


Ever wondered if your partner has REALLY reached climax or if they are fully sexually satisfied? In conjunction with acclaimed global research firm IFOP, CAM4.com gives insights into what is often on the minds of many. Everything from where they reside, to their age, marital status, and even their grooming habits down below, CAM4 and IFOP have the answer – …

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Eye Contact – The Most Flirtatious Form of Body Language

Eye Contact

There are few indicators of romantic interest quite as reliable as the eyes. When we’re face to face with someone who sets our pulse racing, there’s no hiding the attraction. From dilated pupils to fluttering eyelashes to raised eyebrows, the signs are visible if you pay attention. Cher once sang, ‘If you wanna know if he loves you so, it’s …

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34 Signs A Man Is Ready to Marry a Woman

Ready to Marry a Woman

This infographic by Her Aspiration showcases some of the top signs that men may be showing when they’re ready to commit to their relationship and take it to the next level of commitment – namely, marriage. This is a question that is often asked by women, and a source of much insecurity and frustration. As such, Her Aspiration has laid …

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The Men’s Guide To Becoming Christian Grey | Valentines Day


Fifty Shades of Grey has whipped up the women of the world in to a frenzy and Christian Grey has become attractive to over a hundred million women worldwide. So how can you learn from his character and be a better lover. Check out our infographic for some top tips on becoming Christian Grey. via www.adored.co.uk

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Divorce Statistics Not So Bleak


As divorce lawyers we are often questioned about the bleak statistics of divorce. We did some research and found it’s not as bleak as people think. The divorce rate is only an annual 3.3%. More people, annually, fall down stairs or get bit by dogs than get divorced. Statistics can be funny. via rightlawyers.com

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6 Iconic LGBT Friendly Wedding Venues in London


London is a city that houses some of the most eclectic wedding venues in the world; and coupled with the fact that it registers more civil partnerships than anywhere else in the UK, this is something that deserves celebration. This infographic highlights 6 of the most jaw dropping wedding venues in London, which offers same-sex marriages. It was created by …

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Sperm: 250 Million Attempt The Journey, But Only One Will Make It…


Sperm go on the most amazing journey, one we take for granted. From the moment sperm leaves the male body, the vagina does everything it can to try and kill it. Over 1000 sperm roll off the production line every heartbeat and 250 million leave the male body at ejaculation. It’s a big race with only one penetrating the egg. …

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Reasons Men Don’t Text Back


This infographic was created by surveying real men on their experiences with women and texting. Guys gave their honest opinions about what bothers them when texting with a woman, what works, what doesn’t, and what they wish women did more of. It has everything you could possibly want to know about guys and texting that will clear up all the …

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The Sexual Dysfunction Flowchart

The Sexual Dysfunction Flowchart

Male and female sexual dysfunction problems affect over one third of the global population, contributing to MANY relationship breakdowns. Uncover 8 hidden causes of sex problems in this cool infographic – and how they play havoc with your sex life! via endtheproblem.com

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Can legally regulated prostitution reduce sex crimes?


A few EU countries have passed laws making the supply of sexual services legal, a controversial decision for some but seen as a positive step taken by a progressive democracy to others. Babes of London has researched the pros and cons of legally regulated prostitution within the EU and whether it has had a negative or positive impact on the …

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Vampires & Psychopaths: Perfect Boyfriend Material?


You can learn a lot about the type of man women truly desire from the TV characters they fantasize about. But who exactly are TV’s Lotharios and Casanovas? This vampire themed infographic reveals the top 10 sexiest characters on TV and why women find them so attractive. It includes a breakdown of the traits they all have in common and …

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Infographic: Why We Love Orgasms


It’s hard to find someone who isn’t fascinated by sex. It plays such a large part in our lives and is so integral to relationships and status. Well we went on a bit of a mission, conducting our own surveys and scouring the internet and books for the most interesting and fascinating statistics and facts about sex and orgasms, from …

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Infographic: Guide to Proposals


Thinking of getting down on one knee? Make sure it’s the right one. If you’re wondering about what to look for in a diamond, how much to spend or the best time to propose, you’ll discover some tips here. Brought to you by sainsburysbank.co.uk

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Infographic: A Guide to Getting Married Abroad


Did you know that you could save up to £10,000 by deciding to get married abroad as opposed to here in Britain? ‘A Brit’s Guide to Getting Married Abroad’ is an infographic from Debenhams which guides you through the process of planning a wedding overseas by detailing advantages and disadvantages, offering a number of organisational tips and providing the important …

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