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Miscellaneous Infographics

Preserving Our Past at the National Archives


While the National Archives stores billions of records including paper documents, photographs, sound recordings, and film, the Charters of Freedom are a famous example of documents under the care of the NARA. The documents live within a strictly-controlled environment designed to keep humidity low and battle the presence of potentially harmful microbes that could destroy the documents. via polygongroup.com

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Vinyl Decal Application Instructions


We have had many of our customers over the years who have had difficulty vinyl decals to surfaces without damaging the decal itself. Applying die-cut vinyl decals can be tricky. We have designed an infographic that details the step by step instructions for properly applying a vinyl decal to a car, window, wall, etc. without damaging the decal. via cardecalgeek.com

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National Smart Meter Awareness


A new infographic has been released by Smart Energy GB. It focuses on Smart Meters and gives a good snapshot of how people in the UK feel about the new devices. It shows that a majority of people who have one find them accurate, with 76% trusting the information that they give as opposed to 57% who think the old ...

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Online Casinos Guide


If online casinos are new for you, you should read a detailed guide which will help you understand how they work. Thanks to this you should feel less confused and lost. via onlinecasinoselite.com

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Infographic: Hours of Service


For nearly a century, Suddath has been the mover of choice for both families and many of America’s Fortune 500 companies. Whether you are moving yourself or you are a corporation looking to relocate your employees or offices, Suddath is your single-source provider for all of your warehousing, household goods moving, facility moving and corporate relocation needs. We offer do-it-yourself ...

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Infographic: BathEmpire BTU

BTU stands for ‘British Thermal Unit’, and with this figure you can ensure you do not end up either overheating a tiny room with excessive radiators or – as pointless – having one small radiator blasting out trying to thaw a giant space. Our easy-to-follow advice below will help you get a welcomingly warm home without any costly wasting of ...

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Infographic: The Disability Disconnect

Think you’re invincible? You’re not alone. Most working Americans drastically underestimate the odds of experiencing an income-interrupting injury or illness that will last an extended period of time. Now consider that more than one in four of today’s 20-year-olds will have their income interrupted by a disability before they retire. That’s because some top causes of long-term disabilities aren’t catastrophic ...

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Infographic: Top Product Review Blogs To Follow In 2013


In above infographic, you can view top 100 product review blogs to follow in 2013. All shoes lovers should follow above blogs to keep themselves updated from latest happenings in sports. If you are going to purchase services from zappos.com, then you can use zappos coupon code to get discount on your order. Brought to you by couponaudit.com

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Infographic: Deal4yourwheels


Here at Deal4yourwheels we have recently seen a change within the market and made the decision to change how we process the valuation data. The decision was then made to redeveloped our online 4 step valuation system to a 60 sec valuation system instead. The recent change in how the data is handled enabled us to do an accurate 60 ...

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Infographic: Your Spring Maintenance DIY List


Get your backyard ready for spring time! The folks at ricksfencing.com have compiled this infographic to help you make your list of spring chores with some helpful tips along the way. Here you will find information on everything from repairing broken fence rails to cleaning your deck. For more helpful tips on deck & fence maintenance visit the Rick’s Fencing blog. Brought to ...

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Wellness – Happy Life – Herbalife UK

Herbalife UK & Ireland 2

Herbalife Independent Distributor HerbalUK have quickly become one of the most outstanding online retailers for healthy and all nutritious supplements that truly deliver outstanding results. As a Herbalife Independent Distributor, HerbalUK strive to provide supplemental aids to consumers within the UK at completely affordable prices. Unlike other online retailers, Herbalife conduct industry and scientific research into all of their products ...

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Why Gas Prices Are Too Damn High


Getting an online degree means you can get an education at your convenience. But one of the best things about an online education is never driving to campus. With gas prices continually rising, driving has become a burden to millions of people around the world. High gas prices hit student wallets the hardest as they try to pay for gas ...

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Littlewoods Through The Ages


If you’re not based in the UK you may not be aware of the rich history of the popular brand Littlewoods, now better known as one of the largest home shopping brands in Britain. This year Littlewoods celebrates its 80th birthday, and we reveal the rags to riches story behind the brand which started out small and built its huge ...

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Pet Insurance 101


Confused about pet insurance? Not quite sure how everything works? We’ve put together this infographic to answer all of your questions and help you understand just what your pet needs. Brought to you by trupanion.com. Brought to you by trupanion.com

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The Fantastic Evolution of Online Deal Platforms


Online deal sites have become a staple of the web. It seems like everyone uses them, whether they’re flash sale sites or group sale sites or something else entirely. And deal sites have had a very interesting evolution over the years. It covers both flash sale and groups sale sites, starting in 2001 and leading right into predictions for the near ...

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The True Cost of US Military Equipment


This infographic takes a look at the amount of tax payer money that goes into funding specific military equipment ranging from the ‘small’ items to the truly gargantuan in price. The graphic then compare these prices to things that the average American can relate to such as median income, cost of a college education, health insurance, or the price of ...

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Biggest Losers in Gambling


Most people enjoy gambling once in a while but do they really know which games have the better odds of winning? It’s certainly no secret that the house has the advantage but there are casino games which do provide a better chance of winning over others. The infographic below compares some of the odds of the more popular casino games, ...

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Women at the Oscars: 22 Years and 220 Dresses


After hunting down the outfits worn by Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress Nominees from 1990-2011, we’ve figured out which tresses and dresses are most and least likely to walk home with an Oscar. Using all the silhouettes, colors, designers, and hairstyles, we’ve formed a few basic categories and figured out the most popular trends over the last couple decades. ...

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Is Madonna the Worst Choice Ever for a Super Bowl Halftime Show?


You’ll be forgiven if you suspect that the Material Girl was merely engaging in a last-minute attempt to associate herselfsomehow with something football-ish as her Super Bowl halftime show approaches. Madonna said that in addition to intense rehearsals, she’d be relying on “the support of the universe and the grace of God” to pull off her performance. Brought to you by adage.com. Brought ...

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