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Music Infographics

Rihanna: The Rise of a Pop Superstar


Not many can boast accomplishments such as those that Rihanna has earned throughout her career. Born and raised in Barbados, Rihanna was always a very shy girl. However, she found her passion of performance at a young age and used it as an outlet for creative expression by performing in front of friends and family. During her teenage years, she ... Read More »

Infographic: Guitars of Legend – That Rock and Roll Sound


This infographic explores the details and history of guitars belonging to the Boss (the Esquire), Tom Morello (Arm the Homeless), Eric Clapton (Blackie), Prince (Cloud), Jimmy Page (doubleneck), Stevie Ray Vaughn (Strat Number One), and of course Neil Young (Old Black). Brought to you by Read More »

Infographic: 10 Astounding Gig World Records


If you’re interested in the ten most amazing records ever set in the music industry, this handy infographic is for you. Are you itching to know which band’s tours sell out the fastest? Or who attracts the biggest crowds? Maybe you’re interested in learning about the deepest ever concert. It’s all in here, along with a host of other facts ... Read More »

Infographic: GET ME IN! Ultimate Festival Line-up


The GET ME IN! Ultimate Festival Line-up has been announced and is the result of over 12,500 votes by British music fans. The most favourite acts include Queen, Coldplay, Muse, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Jessie J. See what other artists made the line-up. Brought t0 you by GET ME IN. Brought t0 you by GET ME IN Read More »

Infographic: Music Lessons Make You Smarter


Want to sharpen up your mind and have fun while you’re at it? Music lessons, such as singing or guitar lessons, are much more than just a creative pastime – they can help you relieve stress, develop self-confidence, and believe it or not, even make you smarter. Don’t believe us? Let these facts tune you in… Brought to you by ... Read More »

Infographic: Rihanna The Princess of Pop


The young Barbadian pop star has certainly made a big impact on the music industry since arriving on the scene in 2005. The folks at Tropical Sky decided to pay tribute to her musical career with some interesting facts and figures (we’ve even managed to tie Rihanna in with the Mars “Curiosity” Rover – take that Will.I.Am!) Brought to you ... Read More »

Infographic: When Do You Listen To Music?


Online music is exploding. 89% of music revenue in Sweden comes from streaming music. Pandora has 150 million registered users around the world. You might have heard people call the Facebook Ticker the Spotify Ticker, because it was one of the first apps to share over Facebook. Lab42 decided to ask 500 music listeners a series of questions on their habits—when do they listen, and ... Read More »

What music to listen to on the job?


Listening to music while you work might be the best thing since casual Fridays. The proper tunage can help you get motivated, stay productive, and stimulate your creative juices. And it’s just what the doctor ordered when it comes to de-stressing so you can move on to the next task without blowing a gasket. So what music should you listen ... Read More »

The Public Kind of Likes ‘Call Me Maybe’


Just because a song takes off, doesn’t mean it’s automatically a great jam. Take Justin Bieber’s “Baby,” for instance. Or Rebecca Black. Radio is chock full of unfortunate hits. But “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen has a unique charm about it. It’s nothing more than bubblegum pop, but it’s so unbelievably catchy, it’s almost… good. We asked the ... Read More »

The Six Degrees of Linkin Park


Blurring the lines between rap, rock, metal, and pop — and pushing the boundaries of each at the same time — Linkin Park is a band to be reckoned with. Their fifth studio album, LIVING THINGS, which comes out in June, 2012, is expected to further underscore their rock & roll dominance. According to Linkin Parks’s frontman Mike Shinoda, LIVING THINGS is “a ... Read More »

Infographic: The Living Legacy of African American Music


Each June since 1979, the sitting President of the United States has issued a proclamation honoring the heritage, legacy, and contemporary work of African American musicians. For 2012, GMR Marketing teamed up with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to showcase the contributions of some of the finest musicians in American history. The stories of these artists and their work are rich and ongoing. Brought ... Read More »

Infographic: Music’s Effect On Learning


Did you know that listening to music stimulates several parts of the brain, and may both increase productivity and help recall memories? We published this infographic today to highlight how music impacts the brain and improves learning. Brought to you by Brought to you by Read More »

Infographic: 2 Most Unique Attractions of New Orleans


More than any other aspect New Orleans can be distinguished by its rich roots in Jazz music and original cuisine. Even more interesting than the food and music themselves is just how much New Orleans truly does attract people from all around the world. One out of every 12 people in New Orleans is employed because of the high demand ... Read More »

The Present and Future State of Music


This infographic shows the present and future state of music, we find that music streaming is on the rise, radio is still popular, Katy Perry is the #1 act in the US and much much more. Brought to you by Brought to you by Read More »

10 Tips to Sell Music Online


This infographic is a representation of proven music promotion techniques that help musicians and bands to sell music online. Through promotion tactics such as online, social media, merchandise and others, artists are able to connect better with their current and potential fans. It also gives important statistics on the music industry, regarding music sales online, music retailers and the revenue ... Read More »

Top 5 American Music Festivals


Attending a music festival this year? Check out IgoUgo’s Top 5 American Music festivals with stats on Coachella, SXSW, Bonnaroo and more. Brought to you by Brought to you by Read More »

Why Jay-Z And Madonna Have Davy Jones To Thank For Their Paychecks


Last week, The Monkees’ frontman Davy Jones passed away at the age of 66 from a heart attack. While younger generations may have had to google the legendary singer’s name, what most don’t realize is that Jones—who some call the original Justin Bieber—paved the way for “360-degree” music deals now implemented by the likes of Jay-Z, Madonna, Robbie Williams and ... Read More »

Lady Gaga The Fame Monster Halloween Top Charts


The Australian Music Charts have been rocked by Lady Gaga, particularly by her first album The Fame Monster. This album has the most “Top 5 singles in Australian Charts” with Just Dance, Poker Face, Bad Romance, Paparazzi, Alejandro, Telephone and LoveGame all reaching this achievement between 2008 and 2010. Our Halloween theme styled infographic shows this album’s top chart singles, ... Read More »

Metallica: 20 facts in 30 years


Flashback to October of 1981: Drummer Lars Ulrich made guitar player/singer James Hetfield an offer he couldn’t refuse and heavy metal history was made. In honor of Metallica’s 30th anniversary, we pulled together 20 fun facts from the band’s three decade history. What Metallica memory stands out most to you? Brought to you by Sonos in collaboration with Column Five. ... Read More »

The Evolution of Music


Inspired by the recent surge of cloud music offerings by Apple, Amazon & Google, we ran our own research and came up with some interesting figures. The price per minute for music has gone down so low in recent years that we propose that the key differentiator between services is the experience that it brings to the consumer. Brought to ... Read More »