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Trending Infographics

Patient Satisfaction: How to Reduce Patient Wait Times


According to this infographic put together by the folks at the amount of time patients spend waiting in your office have a huge effect when it comes to patient satisfaction. Did you know that the national average wait time is currently around 21 minutes!   Read More »

How Does The Way You Look Affect Your Job Prospects?


Have you ever thought that the way you look might affect your job prospects? And we don’t mean lifestyle choices like hairstyle or piercings, but the way you were born – your gender or ethnicity. The team at GradWeb have put together this statistical look at the job market to determine how many applicants got hired in different positions across ... Read More »

The Ultimate Guide to Slow Cookers


The ultimate guide to slow cookers teaches people how to be masterchef’s using one tool in their kitchen. Cooking is supposed to be fun and this helps you save money, have fun and eat delicious meals. via Read More »

Service Trends Around the World


Atlassian has found that there are many geographical differences around service desk use in the world. This infographic captures that geographical reality. via Read More »

How Long Do You Spend In The Bathroom?


Do you know how much time you spend in your bathroom performing tasks like brushing your teeth, shaving, or even cleaning? Well wonder no more as Bathroom Deal have put together this handy infographic detailing how much time the average person spends performing these tasks and how much time that equates to over the course of their lifetime. How do ... Read More »

The Great British Surgical Stats


New Birkdale Clinic have created this stunning infographic which details the most popular surgeries in the UK during 2014. We take a look at what’s hot and what’s not in the world of plastic surgery and compare those to our tastes and trends from 2004. With some surprising results we can see which procedures have prevailed over the years and ... Read More »

Women’s Menstrual Migraines Causes


Created by Dan Purser MD this shows how bad migraine headaches can be for women who suffer from them. This is an interesting pictographic showing articles and details regarding natural medicine and therapy options that have high efficacy for women’s menstrual migraines or migraine headaches while they lower the risk of side effects that synthetics can cause. Natural therapy or ... Read More »

First Time Spinner | A Beginners Guide to DJing


If you’ve made it a point to learn how to DJ, it’s time to take the next step and invest in equipment and accessories. Your laptop will be the star of the set so be sure it has a minimum of 25 gigabytes of hard drive space, multiple gigs of ram and USB connections, and a Core 2 Duo processor. ... Read More »

Retirement? You’re having a laugh – The Royle Family


In the second of a four part series, My Retirement Options continues to look at how some of the UK’s best loved sitcom stars would be coping financially in retirement. As the pension reforms approach, we head to Manchester to see how The Royle Family might be coping with their retirement income. Never ones for living a lavish lifestyle – ... Read More »

How to Be the Super Hero at Your Next Industry Trade Show


This infographic illustrates the power of using promotional products at a trade show, as well as which items are best and most liked. It shows the statistics behind using promotional items, as well as how people use the trade show giveaways or everyday use, spreading your brand’s visibility all over. via Read More »

Keeping Food Safe from Farm to Fork


Often when we think of food safety, our first concern is storing food at the proper temperature. Keeping food safe depends on a wide variety of factors, one of the most important being humidity. Lack of humidity control can cause discomfort and decreased value among livestock, a significant contamination risk in food processing facilities, and loss of shelf life in ... Read More »

Heat Pumps for Portlanders


Heat pumps are a cost-effective way to comfortably heat and cool your home year round. Homeowners can save an average of 10-40% on utility costs for both heating and cooling, which means that a heat pump often pays for itself in the first few years of use. Furthermore, heat pumps are especially effective in temperate climates like the Pacific Northwest, ... Read More »

Strange Laws Around the World


When you are traveling the world, it’s useful to be aware of local customs – especially local laws. The last thing you want whilst traveling is to be hit by a heavy fine or spend time behind bars. With that in mind, here are some strange laws from around the world. via Read More »

Spring 2015 Shoe Trends


With spring just around the corner, now is a great time to look into the hottest shoe trends of 2015. Colors, looks and incredible features were analyzed to assist you in determining which shoe trending you’ll be rocking when warmer weather comes through! via Read More »

22 Ways Dogs Make Humans Healthier


Everyone knows dogs make you feel good, but did you know they actually make you healthier? It’s true: there are some awesome physiological and psychological benefits to spending time with a pooch. Here are 22 of them. via Read More »

Public Transit & Mobile WiFi: Millennials Lead the Way


What type of technology would have the most negative impact on you if you lost it? For most Millennials, it’s their mobile phone. As the largest generation in the U.S., Millennials crave convenience. They make up the largest population of public transportation riders, individuals moving to big cities and those who seek constant Internet connectivity. In fact, many in the ... Read More »

Las Vegas Strip Map


This Las Vegas infographic shows hotels and their ratings on the Las Vegas Strip. Use this infographic to find your perfect hotel. via Read More »

Death in the Digital Age


An infographic to show the key statistics from our recent report which highlights how the growing use of digital channels in our daily lives can cause additional stress for bereaved loved ones. via Read More »

How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep


Do you struggle with getting a good night’s sleep? Millions of people do, but there are some very simple ways that you could maximise your chances of nodding off and feeling fresh the following morning. via Read More »

How to integrate your email marketing and social media channels


How to best seamlessly integrate email marketing and multiple social media platforms? Getting each side to support and benefit from the other should always be a priority. You want to make it easy, tempting and worthwhile for your fans to cross over from one side to another, with traffic going both ways. The goal is to get both your email ... Read More »

Restaurants Should Be Using Technology As A Recipe For Growth


The restaurant business has a lot of competition. Restaurants must have a stream of new and old customers purchasing from them. How do new customers find them though? Based on this infographic (via NetWaiter – Online Food Ordering For Restaurants) many restaurants are creating their own online ordering systems. To make the process easy, online food ordering gives customers the ... Read More »