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Fire Seals Direct have produced this infographic to provide you with all the information you need to ensure your workplace is fire safe. Whether you are a certified or non-certified premises, a simple list of important pointers have been laid out for you to follow and check off for yourself. With an additional list of common causes of fire in ...

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Local SEO 101 for Law Firms


This infographic shows law firms and solo attorneys how to improve their Google+ Local presence. Take a look at this must read infographic and learn from the SEO professionals at SEOCompany.org. Via: SEOCompany.org

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The Hazards of Manual Handling


This infographic has been created by SHS Handling using the most recent data collected by HSE (Health & Safety Executive). Illustrating the statistics regarding manual handling accidents in the UK during 2013-2014, SHS have shown how manual handling injuries can affect both victims and businesses. With a list of the most common injuries caused by manual handling, you can familiarise ...

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Fanduel Vs Draftkings


The infographic on Fanduel Vs Draftkings compares the two marketleaders in the daily fantasy sports world. You will find out who has more followers and who raised more money!

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Metaphor: The Shortcut to “Yes!”


In a world of information overload, short attention spans, and similarity in services and products, metaphors are your single best tool for engaging, motivating, creating change, and closing business. Learn what’s behind the metaphor-mind connection; 10 times to reach for a metaphor; 4 steps to becoming a Metaphorian; how leaders from Steve Jobs to Ariana Huffington use metaphors. via annemiller.com

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How to Write a Sentence


Okay, you know how to write a sentence. But do your sentences get read? Do they accomplish what you want them to accomplish? This flowchart walks you through how to make sure they do. (Warning: You may never use the term “simple sentence” again.) Created by Marcia Riefer Johnston. Designed by Joseph Kalinowski. via writing.rocks

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How much do we spend on Mother’s Day?


The 2nd highest gift-giving holiday of the year, Luvpatsy.com explores the origins of Mother’s Day and the current trends. How much are we spending on the most important woman in our lives? via luvpatsy.com

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Meet the 5 Companies Aiming to Bring the Web to 4.3 Billion New People


The internet is an essential part of our daily lives, but it is actually only used by a minority of the world’s population. 4.3 billion people across the world do not yet have access to the web. In fact, there are seven countries where more than 100 million people are not yet connected: Brazil, Nigeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, India, and ...

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Health Effects of Radon

Radon Health Facts

Radon is an odorless, colorless, tasteless radioactive gas that forms from the decay of radioactive elements, such as uranium, in rocks and soil throughout the world. Radon is prevalent in many US homes, and has been proven to cause cancer. This infographic shares some startling statistics from the EPA and other health organizations on the health impact of Radon. via ...

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10 Days To Better Productivity


We’ve all been there, that time when you just can’t seem to focus and concentrate. How to get motivated if you are suffering from a lack of productivity? Take a look at this infographic put together by the folks at infographicworld.com to help you achieve better productivity in just ten days.

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How can I increase traffic to my new website?


So, you have just started your business.  Your website is one of the most important tools you have to generate income nowadays for many business owners. Once your website is live you need to build an audience, so where to start? The folks at whoishostingthis.com have put together this great infographic to explain how you can grow your audience form zero to 10k visitors per month.

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Visualization of Top 10 Banking Complaint Issue and Product Linkages (2014)


OBSI is Canada’s trusted independent dispute-resolution service for consumers and small businesses with a complaint they can’t resolve with their banking services or investment firm. Infographics show the linkages between banking (and investment) issue and products for complaints about Canadian banks (and investment firms). There are different issues that can lead to a complaint about the various products. Other obsi.ca infographics ...

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Patient Satisfaction: How to Reduce Patient Wait Times


According to this infographic put together by the folks at evisit.com the amount of time patients spend waiting in your office have a huge effect when it comes to patient satisfaction. Did you know that the national average wait time is currently around 21 minutes!  

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How Does The Way You Look Affect Your Job Prospects?


Have you ever thought that the way you look might affect your job prospects? And we don’t mean lifestyle choices like hairstyle or piercings, but the way you were born – your gender or ethnicity. The team at GradWeb have put together this statistical look at the job market to determine how many applicants got hired in different positions across ...

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The Ultimate Guide to Slow Cookers


The ultimate guide to slow cookers teaches people how to be masterchef’s using one tool in their kitchen. Cooking is supposed to be fun and this helps you save money, have fun and eat delicious meals. via civilizedcavemancooking.com

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Service Trends Around the World


Atlassian has found that there are many geographical differences around service desk use in the world. This infographic captures that geographical reality. via atlassian.com

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How Long Do You Spend In The Bathroom?


Do you know how much time you spend in your bathroom performing tasks like brushing your teeth, shaving, or even cleaning? Well wonder no more as Bathroom Deal have put together this handy infographic detailing how much time the average person spends performing these tasks and how much time that equates to over the course of their lifetime. How do ...

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The Great British Surgical Stats


New Birkdale Clinic have created this stunning infographic which details the most popular surgeries in the UK during 2014. We take a look at what’s hot and what’s not in the world of plastic surgery and compare those to our tastes and trends from 2004. With some surprising results we can see which procedures have prevailed over the years and ...

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Women’s Menstrual Migraines Causes


Created by Dan Purser MD this shows how bad migraine headaches can be for women who suffer from them. This is an interesting pictographic showing articles and details regarding natural medicine and therapy options that have high efficacy for women’s menstrual migraines or migraine headaches while they lower the risk of side effects that synthetics can cause. Natural therapy or ...

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First Time Spinner | A Beginners Guide to DJing


If you’ve made it a point to learn how to DJ, it’s time to take the next step and invest in equipment and accessories. Your laptop will be the star of the set so be sure it has a minimum of 25 gigabytes of hard drive space, multiple gigs of ram and USB connections, and a Core 2 Duo processor. ...

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