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Sleeping by Numbers


Dozing off is important for us all, so here are some interesting facts about the time we spend sleeping. via adjustablebeds.co.uk

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How to win at social media management


Social media management (SMM) tools improve the social efforts for 95 percent of users. That is just one of the findings from a report published last month: Social media management: Tools, tactics … and how to win, and highlighted in a new infographic. via venturebeat.com

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Shining a Light on Light Pollution

Light Pollution

Daylight is the major driver behind the natural cycles of the human body, known as circadian rhythms. When urban areas and residential neighborhoods produce light that spills into unwanted areas, it can affect circadian rhythms and increase the risk for health problems like cancer and obesity. via naturebright.com

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Recipe for Retro Logo Design


Creating a retro logo can be a daunting task, but when you have the right ingredients the process can go more smoothly. To add a little retro flair to your logo, or to create a new retro inspired logo, think about the fonts, colors, shapes, and embellishments you use. The right combination will be sure to have that authentic retro ...

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What is Google Remarketing


Google Remarketing is one of the advanced technique for Google Display Advertising. It works by placing cookies on previous visitors to your site and remind them of your presence as they serve the web. When use correctly, it can greatly enhance and increase your conversations in conjunction with other marketing channels. via digitrio.com.sg

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Is Paintball Safe?


I made this Infographic to show that despite the misconception that paintball is dangerous it safer then most major sports. via badasspaintball.net  

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Top 5 Popular Phones for Sale


There are many phones that you can choose from nowadays, whether it be an iPhone, Samsung or a Nokia. With this infographic, Gumtree determined which phones are the most popular in South Africa. Which phone are you going to be purchasing next? via gumtree.co.za

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Zen Assets Vs Traditional Players


Zen Assets is an automated investment management service based in London, UK. This infographic explains why investors should choose Zen Assets over conventional incumbents, such as banks, big wealth management firms and online brokers. Our main benefits include, but are not limited to, professional unbiased advice, greater transparency about fees, better accessibility of the service and lower cost. The company ...

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Does the Workday Ever Really End?


We recently conducted a survey evaluating the work-life balance of full-time employees in the United States, and, subsequently, created an infographic illustrating interesting trends. And while some trends were predictable, others were not. via thinkingphones.com

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Reasons Men Don’t Text Back


This infographic was created by surveying real men on their experiences with women and texting. Guys gave their honest opinions about what bothers them when texting with a woman, what works, what doesn’t, and what they wish women did more of. It has everything you could possibly want to know about guys and texting that will clear up all the ...

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What Your Cushion Collection Says About You


How many cushion are in your cushion collection ? 1, 2, 5 or even 10? Read this infographic below from the team at Super Amart to find out what your cushion collection says about you. Let’s get cushy! via superamart.com.au

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All Time Premier League Records


If you are looking for a detailed look at the Premier League then this is the infographic for you. The wonderful team at UT Coin Traders have created this visual representation that showcases some of the most obscure stats since the league began back in 1992. Do you know which manager endured the shortest tenure in charge of a club? ...

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Types of MEWP for Working at Height

MEWP working height

What’s a MEWP? It’s a Mobile Elevating Work Platform, which are used in many industries, not just construction. MEWPs are commonly used in TV and Film production because they enable high-angle shots. We’ve put together an introduction to MEWPs – you’ll find some familiar sights in there! via aerialplatforms.co.uk

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Are we losing our Religion?

religious diversity

Are we losing our Religion? Find out in our Global Religion Statistics Infographic. This infographic shows the current percentages of religions across the world and continents. The age of religions and how they have grown. via capturednation.com  

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Cozumel vs. Cancun

Cozumel vs. Cancun

Can’t decide between two equally great vacation destinations? Cancun and Cozumel both have their appeal but not everybody is familiar with these two tourism hotspots. This helpful infographic from Olympus Tours might help sway your opinion towards one of them if you’re planning a trip to get some sun and enjoy the beach. Learn what each place has to offer ...

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Modern Office Trends


How an office space is designed is a direct correlation to the ever-changing business environment and the preferences of the newer crop of employees entering into the workforce. Take a moment to review the below infographic and see how some companies are trending toward a more connected, collaborative and technology-based space plan. For more information, please contact Suddath Workplace Solutions ...

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Replacing Your Old Air Conditioner Can Save You Money


Approximately 50% of a homeowner’s annual utility costs go to heating and cooling. This is likely a much larger chunk if you have an air conditioning unit that is older than 10 years old. Today’s air conditioners have a minimum SEER rating of 13, meaning that they require 30% – 50% less energy to produce the same amount of cooling ...

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Making Your Home Wheelchair Accessible


KD Smart Chair, manufacturer of lightweight folding power wheelchairs, has recently released an infographic that visualizes how to make a wheelchair accessible home. By following this blueprint for every room in the house, wheelchair users can make everyday activities at home much more simpler and more convenient for them. Discover how to make modification to a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, garage, ...

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