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Cozumel vs. Cancun

Cozumel vs. Cancun

Can’t decide between two equally great vacation destinations? Cancun and Cozumel both have their appeal but not everybody is familiar with these two tourism hotspots. This helpful infographic from Olympus Tours might help sway your opinion towards one of them if you’re planning a trip to get some sun and enjoy the beach. Learn what each place has to offer ...

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Modern Office Trends


How an office space is designed is a direct correlation to the ever-changing business environment and the preferences of the newer crop of employees entering into the workforce. Take a moment to review the below infographic and see how some companies are trending toward a more connected, collaborative and technology-based space plan. For more information, please contact Suddath Workplace Solutions ...

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Replacing Your Old Air Conditioner Can Save You Money


Approximately 50% of a homeowner’s annual utility costs go to heating and cooling. This is likely a much larger chunk if you have an air conditioning unit that is older than 10 years old. Today’s air conditioners have a minimum SEER rating of 13, meaning that they require 30% – 50% less energy to produce the same amount of cooling ...

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Making Your Home Wheelchair Accessible


KD Smart Chair, manufacturer of lightweight folding power wheelchairs, has recently released an infographic that visualizes how to make a wheelchair accessible home. By following this blueprint for every room in the house, wheelchair users can make everyday activities at home much more simpler and more convenient for them. Discover how to make modification to a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, garage, ...

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How Much is Your Phone Worth?


Have you ever wondered how much your cell phone is worth? Gumtree South Africa has developed a helpful tool that can answer all your future questions! The phone price checker helps determine how fast your phone will sell based on how much you’re selling it for, whether it will be a fast or slow sale. Check out the tool here: ...

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Preserving Our Past at the National Archives


While the National Archives stores billions of records including paper documents, photographs, sound recordings, and film, the Charters of Freedom are a famous example of documents under the care of the NARA. The documents live within a strictly-controlled environment designed to keep humidity low and battle the presence of potentially harmful microbes that could destroy the documents. via polygongroup.com

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Have you ever wondered what tenants think of their landlords? Here is your opportunity to find out! CIA Insurance have conducted a survey using renters across the UK, including questions on the desired qualities in a landlord and the most important rental factors of a property. Through the results of this survey, the experts have created an infographic to highlight ...

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The Benefits of Mobile Engagement

The Benefits Of Mobile Engagement - SMSGlobal

The Benefits of Mobile Engagement outlines the key reasons why connecting with your offline consumers is important for your brand and business. Mobile marketing must be a part of your strategy, and SMSGlobal can show you how.

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Benefits of Hiring A Remodeling Contractor


Los Angeles is home to almost four million people. Many of these residents prefer to renovate their existing home rather than move to an already remodeled house or build a new one. These homeowners may feel that by doing some of the renovations themselves, they will save money. But, as you may be aware, choosing the DIY route can get ...

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Cyber Security: 2015’s Top Priority

cyber security

The folks at criminallawyernyc.com have put together this great infographic on cyber security. The growing number of attacks on our cyber networks has become a serious economical and national security threat. Via: NYC Criminal Lawyer Todd Spodek

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How To Photograph A Moving Object

How To Photograph moving objects

One of the most challenging and difficult photography technique is capturing is a moving object. This handy guide explains the precise camera settings to help you achieve the perfect moving object shot. via snap-paper.com

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10 Benefits of Massage Therapy


This infographic by Body Kneads Massage on the Gold Coast displays some of the benefits of regular massage therapy. Some such as the relaxation and pain relief benefits are obvious, others such as the positive effect on your immune system may be less well known. via bodykneadsmassage.com.au

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10 Benefits of L-Carnitine Injections


There are many benefits to using L-Carnitine Injections. Not only can it help improve fat metabolism and muscle building potential but you may also notice improved energy levels, clearer brain function and an overall increase in stamina and power. via theweightlossshot.com

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Google PageSpeed Insights for Dummies


As we know, website speed is huge for UX and top rankings in Google. Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool is the best way to figure out what’s holding your site back from loading faster. The problem is, the recommendations are meant for developers. If you don’t speak code, they’re difficult to interpret. I put together an infographic that details the top ...

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8 Facts About Adoption


Thousands of kids are being adopted by families and couples in America, here’s an infographic showing some fun and interesting facts about adoption. via fashionstork.com

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Fire Seals Direct have produced this infographic to provide you with all the information you need to ensure your workplace is fire safe. Whether you are a certified or non-certified premises, a simple list of important pointers have been laid out for you to follow and check off for yourself. With an additional list of common causes of fire in ...

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Local SEO 101 for Law Firms


This infographic shows law firms and solo attorneys how to improve their Google+ Local presence. Take a look at this must read infographic and learn from the SEO professionals at SEOCompany.org. Via: SEOCompany.org

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The Hazards of Manual Handling


This infographic has been created by SHS Handling using the most recent data collected by HSE (Health & Safety Executive). Illustrating the statistics regarding manual handling accidents in the UK during 2013-2014, SHS have shown how manual handling injuries can affect both victims and businesses. With a list of the most common injuries caused by manual handling, you can familiarise ...

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Fanduel Vs Draftkings


The infographic on Fanduel Vs Draftkings compares the two marketleaders in the daily fantasy sports world. You will find out who has more followers and who raised more money!

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Metaphor: The Shortcut to “Yes!”


In a world of information overload, short attention spans, and similarity in services and products, metaphors are your single best tool for engaging, motivating, creating change, and closing business. Learn what’s behind the metaphor-mind connection; 10 times to reach for a metaphor; 4 steps to becoming a Metaphorian; how leaders from Steve Jobs to Ariana Huffington use metaphors. via annemiller.com

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How to Write a Sentence


Okay, you know how to write a sentence. But do your sentences get read? Do they accomplish what you want them to accomplish? This flowchart walks you through how to make sure they do. (Warning: You may never use the term “simple sentence” again.) Created by Marcia Riefer Johnston. Designed by Joseph Kalinowski. via writing.rocks

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How much do we spend on Mother’s Day?


The 2nd highest gift-giving holiday of the year, Luvpatsy.com explores the origins of Mother’s Day and the current trends. How much are we spending on the most important woman in our lives? via luvpatsy.com

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Meet the 5 Companies Aiming to Bring the Web to 4.3 Billion New People


The internet is an essential part of our daily lives, but it is actually only used by a minority of the world’s population. 4.3 billion people across the world do not yet have access to the web. In fact, there are seven countries where more than 100 million people are not yet connected: Brazil, Nigeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, India, and ...

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