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The Incarcerated States of America


Approximately 0.7% of the US population is behind bars. This makes the United States the most incarcerated of all the developed countries. This visual shows the incarceration rates of each of the States in the US, along with other compelling stats. via andrewflusche.com

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Retirement, the Election and You


In one of the most uncertain General Elections in decades, with the a complete change to the entire landscape of British politics and culture, many people are still undecided on who to vote for. My Retirement Options want to help you decide which political party should get your vote: based on the policies that could most impact your retirement. Whether …

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Infographic: How Will Obamacare Affect Senior Citizens?


The impact of the Affordable Care Act has been a heated debate between Republicans and Democrats. This infographic takes a look at the contrasting views each side has on the affect of Obamacare on Senior Citizens covering 5 key topics. Brought to you by assistedlivingfacilities.org

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Infographic: Does the NSA Think You are a Terrorist?


Ever wonder, what is the NSA’s likelihood of having found a terrorist with a positive test result? Well, in the must-see infographic presented by TopComputerScienceDegrees.com, the answer to your question awaits. Brought to you by topcomputersciencedegrees.com

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Infographic: Protecting the POTUS


There have been eleven assassination attempts on U.S. Presidents, four of them were successful. The Secret Service started the job of protecting the President after the assassination of President McKinley in 1901. Learn more about the need for protection of the POTUS and the Secret Service in this infographic. Brought to you by securitydegreehub.com

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Infographic: A History of Presidential Inaugurations


The history of United States Presidential Inaugurations dates back to 1789 when President George Washington was sworn into office in New York City. As President Obama begins his second term in office, WyzAnt.com, a national in home tutoring service, has created a visual representation of Presidential Inaugurations over the past 80 years spanning the presidencies of Franklin D. Roosevelt to …

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Infographic: The Business of Running for President


Much like running a corporation, running for president is an expensive and time-consuming undertaking. Just like a corporation, a campaign involves employees, money management, public relations, advertising and the selling of a product or service. Which in this case is the person running for office. In this graphic, we take a look at just what all it takes to run …

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Infographic: Real-Time Sharing of Obama and Romney Ads Up to Election Day


The 2012 U.S. Presidential Election is in full swing, and the race for the White House is being waged in social media with all the vigor and creativity (and media budget) once reserved for television ads. Unruly’s Election Tracker is the definitive and exclusivemeasurement tool for tracking video sharing activity during the 2012 US Presidential race. The infographic tracks the number of shares each candidate’s …

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Infographic: The Spooky Truth of Obama vs. Romney Online


This is a record setting election year with the US Presidential candidates each spending over one billion dollars and the Internet is a major battleground. A large sum of investment in advertising, especially digitally, demonstrates a shift in the war for consumers’ votes. Brought to you by rosetta.com. Brought to you by rosetta.com

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Infographic: Obama vs. Romney Real-Estate and Mortgage Refinance


This infographic compares the 2012 Presidential candidates where they stand on the Financial Industry and who is more likely to turn the Real-Estate around for the benefit of the homeowners and taxpayers. Facts show that Obama has made a lot more effort to jump start Mortgage and increase Real-Estate sales whereas Romney relies on faith that the market will re-adjust …

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Infographic: Who Actually Votes in America?


Sure, we’re always telling you it’s important to get out and vote on Election Day. But who actually bothers to show up? We break down the voter turnout data from the last Presidential election in 2008 and look at who actually votes in America—and who doesn’t. The results may surprise you. Brought to you by Take Part. Brought to you …

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Infographic: The Logistics of Voting


With the presidential election coming up, voices from across the United States are urging the American people to stand up and vote. But have you ever considered how the voting process works? This infographic from Click Software delves into the logistics of voting. Check it out! Brought to you by Click Software. Brought to you by Click Software

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Infographic: Can Social Media Predict Election Outcomes?


As citizens have embraced social media en masse, so too have political candidates, news outlets and local governments. In Washington State and Nevada, residents can even register to vote on Facebook. Social media has left its humble beginnings behind and taken center stage in one of the most important processes in American government and culture. In a more general sense, …

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Infographic: Obama & Romney Who Knew? We’re Related!


In time for the 2012 election countdown, we recently did some genealogy research to learn more about the background of both President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney, and guess what—they’re related! What’s more: they’re also related to several former U.S. presidents, English kings, outlaws and celebrities. This is really huge! So huge in fact that our team at GenealogyBank decided to …

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Infographic: The Dollars and Senselessness of Political Campaigning


When people say that politics has its price, one has to wonder if that means the outrageous costs associated with political campaigns. After all, the U.S. will spend $5.8 billion dollars on campaigning in 2012. Imagine all of the worthwhile ways that money could be better spent, from helping small businesses grow and better educating our kids, to ensuring medical …

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Infographic: Obama vs Romney on Cybersecurity – You Decide


Cybersecurity is a major issue in all aspects of life today; individuals, companies, and even governments all have to worry about being attacked and having sensitive information stolen. As the 2012 US Presidential election approaches you should have as much information about the two candidates and party opinions as possible. In this infographic we detail the candidates’ opinions and actions, …

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Infographic: Who’s Paying for the President?


Perhaps neither Barack Obama nor Mitt Romney want to speak out about our government’scrippling dependence on special interest cash because both of their campaigns hinge on it.  Contrary to what some might suspect, Obama’s campaign has raised more money than Romney’s campaign. However, Romney’s super PAC has collected nearly four times as much money as Obama, whose primary source of election money …

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