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Cyberbulling: Statistics, and Practical Help

Stop Cyberbulling

The influences our youth face from the online world shapes not only their education and views of the world, but how they interact with others. Cyberbullying has had ill effects on not only the young, but adults as well. Becoming informed and empowered to assist or share knowledge with someone who is being directly affected by this epidemic can make …

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Facebook or SEO: Which is Better?

Facebook or SEO

Facebook and SEO are both the two most popular ways to invest into the marketing of your website. One can get thousands of eyes on your business in minutes, and the other can take years for the same results. This infographic compares both techniques so that you can determine which you’d like to invest your time and money into. via …

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Online Schnaeppchen kaufen

The infographic provides an overview on how to save when shopping online. 5 different ways are briefly introduced, namely sales pages of retailers, cashback provider, coupon pages, saving blogs, and price comparison pages via dersmartsparer.de

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Why Social Media and Blogging Are a Waste of Time and Revenue

social media waste of time

This infographic was created to show business owners of client based businesses the value of outsourcing their social media. By holding onto it in house, they are wasting their own valuable time and revenue when they could be using that time on billable client work. I took more of a controversial headline to simply capture reader attention. via clientraction.com

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13 Reasons Your Small Business Needs To Use Social Media

If your small business isn’t using Social Media properly then you’re in for a shock. Your competitors either are or they’re gearing up for it. Having a Digital Marketing Strategy that encompasses Social Media will not only protect your business but will turn your leads into customers before turning those customers into advocates or your business and brand. Using a …

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Deep Web: The Dark Side of the Internet

Dark Side of the Internet

The folks at cartwrightking.co.uk recently created this great infographic explaining the dark side of the web. What is it? Who’s on it? Did you know that the sites that you can find on Google and Bing only make up 10% of the whole internet?

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SEO for Startups & New Websites? Hold Off Momentarily!

SEO for Startups

If you’re launching a new website or a budding startup you definitely have your hands full with ensuring your site is garnering traffic and ranking high on search engines. As seen in this setup SEO vs. Ongoing SEO infographic created by eTraffic on SEO for new websites & startups. Before getting into heavy duty SEO you’ll need to dedicate some …

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Influencer Marketing in the Digital World

Influencer Marketing

If you are an actor struggling to break through, surely you must be looking forward to a big break – an opportunity to act with a big star, in other words, an influencer. When you work with an influencer you can tap into their fame, audience and reach. This is a quick way to grow your credibility and brand name …

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2016 Sensible Social Media Checklist for Businesses

This is the most comprehensive social media checklist you’ll find anywhere. Updated for 2016, the simple checklist is easy to use and includes expert best practices that will help you master all of your company’s social media accounts. via blog.thewholebraingroup.com

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The Twitter Power User Cheat Sheet

Twitter Power User Cheat Sheet

Becoming a Twitter power user takes time, commitment, and dedication. These facts come from proven studies on the best times of the day to tweet and the nature of your followers, so that you can market to them in the most effective ways possible. These are tips that the pros use and things they consider every time they post something …

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Inbound Marketing Rising: The Dawn of Marketing You Won’t Hate

The Rise of Inbound Marketing

Media buyers have felt the dramatic shift in lead generation and advertising with the advent of the Internet. Google’s popularity lies in understanding psychology of a potential buyer. Search engines, for example, capture a buyer in the moment of needing something and direct them to exactly what they want. While outbound marketing works to increase brand awareness it can be …

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Selfie Obsession: The Rise of Social Media Narcissism

Are Selfies a Sign of Narcissism? The growing trend of taking smartphone selfies is linked to narcissism, addiction and mental illness. The American Psychiatric Association recently confirmed that taking selfies is a serious mental disorder. Take a look at this interesting infographic put together by the folks at rawhide.org.  

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Why You Should Give StumbleUpon a Red Hot Go

If you are blogger, a small business, new to online marketing or web content creation then you might want to give StumbleUpon a red hot go. Why? There is way too much competition on the major social media sites. If you don’t have a following you are mere noise. You can get direct traffic to your site with StumbleUpon and there …

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The 4 Best Social Media Management Tools (According To Their Own Users)

Chosing the right Social Media management tool is not an easy task. With dozens of options available, taking the time to test them all is not sustainable. As a consequence, most users just head for the tools that they heard about, leaving aside lesser known options that may be a better fit for their needs. That infographic lists the best …

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Interesting Instagram Statistics

Instagram is one of the most popular photo sharing website with more than 300 million active users. Over 70 million photos are uploaded everyday and more than 1000 comments are posted per second. Instagram’s popularity lies in its ability to transform mobile camera photos into professional looking images. The Instagram app allows users to transform their photos into stunning images …

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SEO Checklist for Website Redesign

When it come to website redesign, the biggest issue is how it will affect your SEO performance and definitely a big headache to SEO Agency. There is so much issues & obstacles that can go wrong along the way from not planning your 301 redirect map to no 404 page setup and many more. But this infographic by Digitrio aim …

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Facebook usage in the EU

When is the best time to post to Facebook? Which facebook ad is the best one? …and do you know more important information about Facebook in EU? via cutseo.com/facebook-in-eu

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How Engaged Is Your Brand?

What level of understanding do you have about social media conversations happening around your brand or that of your clients? Take a look at this Interesting infographic put together by the folks at Qumana Branding Team. Via: Qumana Branding Team

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How To Block Facebook

Facebook bring us together online, but it can also be addiction and lead to compulsive behaviour, constantly wanting to find out what your friends are up to and liking posts. This infographic shows the results of survey showing where people have used Facebook. On the loo, up a tree or in a cave. it is insightful, funny and a little …

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How to win at social media management

Social media management (SMM) tools improve the social efforts for 95 percent of users. That is just one of the findings from a report published last month: Social media management: Tools, tactics … and how to win, and highlighted in a new infographic. via venturebeat.com

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Which Social Media Personality Are You?

Social media is a highly powerful tool for bringing you, your friends and your followers together. However, interacting on social media doesn’t come naturally to everyone. This infographic quiz will show you which type of social media personality you are and what you can do to improve your daily interactions with your friends and fans. via creare.co.uk

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