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The History of the Phone


Take a look at this interesting infographic on the evolution of the traditional telephone (service) put together by the folks at Phone.com. Via: Business Phone Service Phone.com

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Are you addicted to your mobile phone?

addicted to your mobile phone

Cash Generator’s latest research has revealed that we claim to be less addicted to our mobile phones than we were just four years ago – however, do our actions speak louder than words and are we in denial about how little we rely on our phones? via cashgenerator.co.uk

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Cloud vs Server EHR


When it comes to choosing a Cloud vs Server EHR system, Cloud EHR companies would have you believe the convenience of free updates, low cost implementation and internet based access outweighs all the benefits of using a Sever EHR. Truth is, Cloud EHR users would sacrifice significant control and money over such modest conveniences. So don’t be caught with one …

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Beginners Guide to Website Hosting


This infographic showcases the different types of website hosting available. Selecting the right web host for your website is an important part of your online strategy. It can dramatically increase your conversions and the customer experience which are both critical aspects. via hostingwatcher.com

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What is the asTech 2?


The asTech device is a remote diagnostic tool that allows collision shops and repair technicians to have a vehicle scanned before and after repair work is done to ensure all of the vehicle’s issues were fully addressed and all systems are working properly. via astech2.com

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10 Tips to Improve your Drone Photography


If you love to take pictures with your drones camera, or with your GoPro camera attached to it, here are 10 tips that helps you take better photos with your drone. Aerial photography with a drone is very different from normal photography, but there are some tricks that can make your images really stand out. Maximize your aerial photography experience …

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Behind the scenes of the billion dollar world of smartphone trade ins


We conducted a study on the billion dollar smartphone trade-in industry, taking some of the top names in the industry to test their timing of trade-ins. It allowed us to gather data such as days it took to receive their box, days it took the companies to receive the boxes from the consumer, and how long it took to issue …

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How Did We Get Here?


The infographic, “How Did We Get Here?”, moves through time starting at the very beginning with the first storage medium, the human brain. It progresses to today where many promising vendors enter the space and projects to the future with up and coming technologies and a graveyard of storage companies, may they rest in peace. Download the .pdf version here …

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History Of The Ford F Series

Ford F Series infographic no background

This infographic illustrates all 13 generations of the Ford F series and provides explanation of the major advancements made with each new series. via greenwayford.com

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5 Watches to Dive For


We highlight some of Britain’s most popular watches to show just how robust they are. From the uber stylish Breitling that won’t have any trouble in your leisurely swim to the Bond approved Omega Seamaster, perfect for those secret agent getaways using your personal underwater propellers . via watchwarehouse.co.uk

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The Light Goes On With Electrician Software


The first major electrical invention was the incandescent light bulb, created in 1879. Throughout history there have been many innovative accomplishments that have led to the modern electrical products of today. We are presenting to you a brief history of these electrical inventions and how electrical contractors’ business strategies have changed with time as well. See how field management software …

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Drone Law Exemption 333 Provider Comparison


Comparing Section 333 service companies is a challenge. There are law firms, affiliate marketers, consultants, form or template providers, industry groups and others offering assistance with FAA 333 exemption petitions. Some law firms are charging between $5,500-$8,000 for a standard 333 exemption. Some SEO companies are signing up exemption prospects, then shipping them off to consultants for handling. If you …

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The Future of Mobile Marketing

TextAnywhere - What's the Future of SMS Marketing

This year marks the first year that mobile search has overtaken desktop search, with people using their mobile devices on the go, the business need for going mobile is vital. Our smartphones are constantly glued to our hands, and with updated models being released every month, this need isn’t going to change any time soon. SMS marketing is one of …

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Why is your hosting so important


400ms delay would lead to a 0.44% drop in search volume at Google. In numbers this is around 6 million searches and $137 million in revenue for a single day. In their Gospel of Speed, Google say: “When you speed up service, people become more engaged – and when people become more engaged, they click and buy more.” via top5hosting.co.uk

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Around the World by Mobile Phone Browser

Mobile Phone Browsers

Has Apple hardware and software taken over the world? Far from it. There are a number of nations around the world where the iPhone is far from dominant and thus it’s not Safari that frames the mobile web for the people of these nations – including India, Pakistan, Jamaica and Iran – but Chrome, or Android Browser. Find out which …

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The most common types of Google penalties


Would you like to know why Google gives penalties to websites? On the next infographics we show you the most common reasons, all of them are manipulative and black hat SEO methods, like launching websites without unique content, auto-generated by scripts; using hidden content or bad robots.txt file. Google Panda gives penalty for those websites where huge amount of duplicated …

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Office Technology Through the Years


The look, feel and design of office buildings and work spaces has changed drastically over the last few decades. Our latest infographic highlights the major changes in offices during the last 50 years. via suddathworkplace.com

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50 years of the Porsche 911

50 years of the Porsche 911

An infographic detailing how the Porsche 911 has evolved over the past 50 years. The Porsche 911 is one of the most iconic cars still in production and the infographic illustrates how the cars benchmark characteristics, such as speed and break horsepower have changed since the early conception of the car. via dustycars.com

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How The iPhone Amplified Apple’s Revenue in 8 Years


The iPhone turned 8 years old and it has completely revolutionized Apple’s revenue, overtaking everything and becoming their most valuable product. Ten iPhones later, with over 700 million iPhones sold worldwide, it’s revolutionized Apple as a company. This visualization illustrates both the shift in Apple’s revenue and the buzz created around new releases. via gadgetvaluer.com

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Top 5 Popular Phones for Sale


There are many phones that you can choose from nowadays, whether it be an iPhone, Samsung or a Nokia. With this infographic, Gumtree determined which phones are the most popular in South Africa. Which phone are you going to be purchasing next? via gumtree.co.za

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