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Five Best Places to Play Pokemon Go

Best Places to Play Pokemon Go

With Pokemon Go, you are capable of playing the hit game Pokemon anywhere in the world! Here at BusRental.com, we’ve assembled a list of the top 5 cities to play Pokemon Go in the US and where within those cities are the hottest spots to find both Pokemon and players! When you’re interested in learning more about chartering buses, be …

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34 Travel Hacks for a Happy Christmas Holiday


Thinking of going away this Christmas? Make sure you have a look at this infographic before you do anything else! With so much advice to make your journey go smoothly, this infographic is a really useful resource. Booking tricks to save money, packing tips to save room, and tech tips to help you make the most of the latest technology. …

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Top 20 Most Visited Cities in Asia

Most Visited Cities in Asia

If you are wondering where to go in Asia, check out this infographic of the top 20 most visited cities. You can add these vibrant and exciting cities to your bucket list, and why not use them as a basis for planning your tour of Asia? via ampersandtravel.com

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Is Niagara Falls the 8th Wonder of the World?

Niagara Falls

Is Niagara Falls worthy of being the unofficial 8th wonder of the world. With over 3000 tons of water flowing over the 150+ feet tall Falls every second of the day it certainly has a case. The Falls spans two countries (Canada & The United States) and is visited by millions every year. via marriottonthefalls.com

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Top Things To Do In London

Things To Do In London

The most famous capital city in the world needs no introduction. It is a city rife with hundreds of attractions, sights and sounds and things to do. In a city as big London, whether night or day, summer or winter, you are bound to find something to do. But just what are these top things to do while you are …

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What are Irish Motorists Driving?

Irish Motorists

Research conducted by Allianz Direct Ireland shows the most popular car makes, years, engine sizes, average kilometres travelled to work each day and car value of our car insurance customers in Ireland. There are some really interesting findings here – Toyota is the most popular make of car, most Irish cars were bought in either 2007 or 2008 and 1.5 …

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Niagara Falls Wine Tour


Experience the beauty of Niagara’s world-famous wine country through our Niagara Wine Tour. Visit award-wining Niagara wineries for tours and tastings. Educate yourself on the best wines with a look into the wine making process. Presented by Magnificent Tours of Niagara, the largest tour company in Niagara Falls, highlighting stops upon our Niagara Falls Wine Tour.

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2015 Weather – Manzanita, Oregon vs. US Averages


Most people equate rainy and overcast weather with the Oregon coast. That’s not necessarily the cast! Take a look at our infographic, “2015 Weather – Manzanita, Oregon vs. U.S. Averages,” where we compare the Oregon coast averages with those of the U.S. based on data over a five year period obtained from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. via vacationrentalsmanzanita.com

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Holiday of the Future

Holiday of the Future

How will the evolution of technology improve our holiday experience in the near distant future? From smarter suitcases, to safer beaches, to more comfortable and energy efficient modes of transport, the MinistryofVillas.com experts predict which inventions will become the norm for travellers and holidaymakers within the next 50 years. Ministry ​of Villas are ​experts in personalized travel and accommodation, helping …

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See the Country, Stay Connected: Streamlining the Way Travelers Access the Internet

Travelers Access the Internet

With millions of Americans accessing video and music streaming services from mobile devices, people want to stay connected wherever their travels take them. With SinglePoint’s mobile internet systems, you can stay online while cruising on your favorite lakes to camping in the remote wilderness. Getting back to nature doesn’t have to mean disconnecting from the world. WiFi In Motion is …

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R&R and RVing


RVing is becoming very popular to rest, relax and travel! Shipments of RVs are at an all time high and via our infographic you can learn why Americans are motivated to RV. via rvcovers.com

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The Value of Business Travel


Every day hundreds of Americans travel long distances for work – Monday morning flights are packed, interstates are jammed with cars traveling to conferences, meetings and job sites. The cost of business travel is hefty – a minimum of $1000 per person, not to mention the impact it has on employee moral with being away from their family during the …

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Car Shipping Costs

Car Shipping Costs

Car shipping costs will vary depending on the country that you are shipping your vehicle to, the make and model and in some cases for larger vehicles the overall dimensions. Our infographics gives an average of costs to offer some guidance to anyone considering shipping either a car, van, truck, motorhome or caravan overseas. Exact costs can be obtained by …

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Washington DC Visitors Part 2


This infographic is a part 2 of our Washington DC Visitors at a Glance. Find out details about domestic and international visitors. Top 5 things visitors spend money on. Hotel average occupancy and rates in 2014. via dcacar.com

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Washington DC Visitors At a Glance


Interesting facts about Washington DC visitors. Who comes to DC, from where, how much they spend? The impact all visitors have on DC’s economy shown in a infographic. All data from 2014. via dcacar.com

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5 Clever Gadget Gifts For Travelers This Christmas


Love tech and gadgets? Love to travel? Just in time for Xmas, we put together some perfect smart tech gift ideas, which make life easier for all travelers. These practical gadgets are mostly designed in Australia. They have received hundreds of thousands of dollars backing via Kickstarter and Backit campaigns, from all over the globe. via columbusdirect.com.au

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Outsmarting Pickpocketing In Top-10 European Destinations


Pickpocketing is a common occurrence in every touristic city of Europe. Especially in popular destinations such as Paris or Rome and port cities like London and Barcelona. If you love travelling and want to keep your valuables safe – here’s a list of 10 pickpocketing capitals followed by advice on how to keep your wallet untouched. via blog.buzzarm.com

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