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UK Road Accident Statistics 2015


The World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims takes place every year on the third Sunday of November. In 2016 the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims is on the 20 November and the day will focus on both the overall scale and the individual devastation caused by road deaths and injuries. Every day throughout the world …

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Where to stay in Phuket – Where the party is or calm and relaxed?

Where to stay in Phuket

I’m often asked about where to the best place to stay in Phuket is and what the different areas are like in Phuket, some people want party central and others want something more relaxed and calming with the option to go to those “party areas” or busy markets. Keep in mind there are plenty of other locations to stay in Phuket, …

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Cycling to Work in Bristol, UK

Cycling to Work in Bristol

We live and work in Bristol and cycle everywhere so it’s good to see that cycling is on the increase. We really want our Council to make the city even more cycle-friendly: like most large UK cities, the air quality is appalling! via rumbadesign.co.uk

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Driving test tips: 5 common mistakes when you start driving

mistakes when you start driving

Well, we hope that on your way to a DL you have already learned all the requirements you need to meet prior to being allowed to enter a road exam. To make sure you are really ready to move to the most important and the final stage of obtaining DL, use our checklist. via driver-start.com

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Fall Foliage: The Numbers


Want to make the most out of the wonderful weather? Are you curious to see where the best trip is to take? See our infographic about what New England can offer you this fall from a pricing perspective! See how many other trips are booked here on a yearly basis. Once you have the information, please contact us at US …

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Everything You Need to Know About Wine Tours

Wine Tours

Are you curious as to where the most wineries are located? How about which vineyards are available to the most people? See this information and more about wineries and wine tours from a geographical location with this infographic by US Coachways. Contact us today to schedule your wine tour! via uscoachways.com

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National Bestselling Cars of All Time


All over the World, millions of cars are bought each year. Each country buys cars that suit their different needs, requirements and tastes and they all differ from each other. Check out the national bestselling cars across the World with our infographic. via hippoleasing.co.uk

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Things to remember while travelling


This info graphic lists the very important things that we usually tend to forget when we pack our bags. To make your travel stress free we have given 10 points to remember before travelling. These points were carefully drafted by the team of choosevilla and as the company specializes in crafting unique holiday options for or esteemed guests this will …

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A roadmap to car hire excess

car hire excess

Looking to hit the road? Here’s a tip! When you hire a car from a rental car company you’ll usually be charged up to $35 per day to lower your excess! Now that’s baaarmy! For a sheeper, easier path to car hire excess follow our simple steps. via carhireexcess.com.au

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New Zealand: North Island vs. South Island

New Zealand: North Island vs. South Island

Let’s face it, there’s a bit of a rivalry between the two great islands that make up our lovely nation of New Zealand. But which one would come out on top in a head-to-head showdown? Do you prefer North Island’s beaches or South Island’s mountains? Would you rather tuck in to North Island’s BurgerFuel or South Island’s Fergburger? via cheapflights.co.nz

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Five Best Places to Play Pokemon Go

Best Places to Play Pokemon Go

With Pokemon Go, you are capable of playing the hit game Pokemon anywhere in the world! Here at BusRental.com, we’ve assembled a list of the top 5 cities to play Pokemon Go in the US and where within those cities are the hottest spots to find both Pokemon and players! When you’re interested in learning more about chartering buses, be …

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34 Travel Hacks for a Happy Christmas Holiday


Thinking of going away this Christmas? Make sure you have a look at this infographic before you do anything else! With so much advice to make your journey go smoothly, this infographic is a really useful resource. Booking tricks to save money, packing tips to save room, and tech tips to help you make the most of the latest technology. …

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Top 20 Most Visited Cities in Asia

Most Visited Cities in Asia

If you are wondering where to go in Asia, check out this infographic of the top 20 most visited cities. You can add these vibrant and exciting cities to your bucket list, and why not use them as a basis for planning your tour of Asia? via ampersandtravel.com

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Is Niagara Falls the 8th Wonder of the World?

Niagara Falls

Is Niagara Falls worthy of being the unofficial 8th wonder of the world. With over 3000 tons of water flowing over the 150+ feet tall Falls every second of the day it certainly has a case. The Falls spans two countries (Canada & The United States) and is visited by millions every year. via marriottonthefalls.com

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Top Things To Do In London

Things To Do In London

The most famous capital city in the world needs no introduction. It is a city rife with hundreds of attractions, sights and sounds and things to do. In a city as big London, whether night or day, summer or winter, you are bound to find something to do. But just what are these top things to do while you are …

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What are Irish Motorists Driving?

Irish Motorists

Research conducted by Allianz Direct Ireland shows the most popular car makes, years, engine sizes, average kilometres travelled to work each day and car value of our car insurance customers in Ireland. There are some really interesting findings here – Toyota is the most popular make of car, most Irish cars were bought in either 2007 or 2008 and 1.5 …

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