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Infographic: The Top Ten Most Expensive Pets

How much would you pay for a pet? Well, some people consider this as an investment but remember that each pet has special needs and specifics genetic conditions.

Want to know which are the most expensive cats and dogs? Check below a special list with the top 10 most expensive pets in the market. This infographic has information of the one-time expenses and average annual expenses on food, vet care, toys/treats and insurance.

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  1. Eye opening.

  2. Interesting infographic- I have had several siamese and currently have one. They arent that bad at all for cost!

  3. Great content! Although my everyday house cat is not on the list, I think I’ve paid in excess of $5k on him. I wouldn’t change a thing, though. He’s like a child to me.

  4. awe my kitties on that list!!! i have a himalyan !!

  5. This is the most interesting graphic I have read yet. I own birds but very informative. 🙂

  6. I found this one pretty interesting and do have to agree the siamese related cats/ragdolls etc do have more health problems. I am not so sure about rotties being #1 I have known Danes to be more problematic. Liked the insurance info too.

  7. colleen boudreau

    aw my cats on there.. he’s a ragdoll! 🙂

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