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Infographic: When Kids Grow Up – How Do I Become A…?

There are 22.2 Million Children ages 6-11 in the United States and they all want to be something special when they grow up. Here’s a look at a few of their most common job aspirations.

Brought to you by Howdoibecomea.net.

Brought to you by Howdoibecomea.net

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  1. very cool! i love steps in order to get somewhere

  2. Maybe i belong to they SPY. When i was younger, well.. until now i still dreaming of becoming of it. I find them awesome and cool. But most people that dream of becoming something when they were younger becomes not when they grew up. It’s just an inspiration for them maybe because as you grown up your interests changes including what you want to do for he rest of your life.

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