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Infographic: Will Going Green Really Save You Money?

With wind farms popping up all over the place and electric cars starting to role onto our roads we decided to take a look into what going green can really mean for your wallet. How can we make our money go further so we are not as short at the end of the month and don’t have to really on payday loans etc. If I am honest I personally thought going green would be way way more expensive as such we very nearly did not research the topic. Well it turns out that it’s not. Surprised! I know I was.

Brought to you by paydayloan.co.uk.

Infographic: Will Going Green Really Save You Money?

Brought to you by paydayloan.co.uk

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  1. I found it interesting being green the older you got wasnt that much different in price.

  2. This poses such an interesting question. Are green alternatives cheaper or are they cheaper in the long run at least? Great graph and topic!

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