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Infographic: The Worst Holiday Toys Ever

What was the absolute worst gift you ever got as a kid? Forget about the cool toys that you totally wanted and, if you were lucky, found under the tree on Christmas morning. Who could possibly forget Ralphie’s complete and utter humiliation at being forced to wear the bunny suit he got for Christmas from his clueless aunt? It’s funny because we’ve all been there. Ahh, the memories…

Brought to you by blackfriday.bradsdeals.com.

Brought to you by blackfriday.bradsdeals.com

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  1. At least on my computer the colors of this infographic are very washed out and ugly (or was that the point?)

  2. My kids they prefer cartoon toys. I think in your toys they prefer rock star mickey.

  3. My kids would probably like the cleaning trolley. Kids get excited about “real” things their own size. But, yeah, most of these things – really?!

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