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Infographic: Nestle’s two-fingered Kit Kat goes Fairtrade

In January 2013 Nestlé UK & Ireland will be doubling its commitment to Fairtrade by certifying 2-finger KIT Kat. By extending the certification across the brand, an extra 800 million bars a year will carry the FAIRTRADE Mark. The announcement means that an additional 4,500 cocoa farmers in the Ivory Coast will benefit from FAIRTRADE Premiums and the Nestle Cocoa Plan.

Brought to you by Nestlé.

Infographic: Nestle's two-fingered Kit Kat goes Fairtrade

Brought to you by Nestlé

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  1. sheila musselman askins

    interesting and yes i wonder the same if all their products will go fair trade and how soon

  2. I wonder if they will go fair trade for the rest of their products?

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