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In the Nurse’s Office: Common Sicknesses in Schools

Did you know 40% of school-age children between 5 and 17 miss at least three days of school a year due to injury or illness? Bacteria and viruses can lurk anywhere, but proper prevention can keep your kids healthy, in school and out of the urgent care. This infographic was created to illustrate a dozen or more facts and stats about the harboring of germs inside schools and what parents and teachers can do to prevent school-born illnesses.

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 In the Nurse's Office: Common Sicknesses in Schools

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  1. is this for sale?

  2. How can I get this poster for our school nurse’s office?

  3. Love this poster, is it for sale somewhere?!

  4. Slightly skeeved out… Especially the boy to girl ratio of soap.. both are so low

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