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Infographic: Does Social Media Support Eating Disorders?

The increasing amount of coverage in the media about the supposed link between Social Media and Eating Disorders is an indication that this argument is of importance. The question is not about if the link exists but whether or not it is a positive one. On one side there is are social online movements that openly encourage eating disorder behaviors and promote trends like #ThighGap. Groups such as these unknowingly propel weaker individuals deeper into their disorders and should be moderated.

However, others take the opposing view that Social Media can also provide the vital support that ED suffers need to overcome their fears. These positive communities can encourage an open forum for help and relief to those on the brink of hopelessness enabling a road to recovery. Life Works Community is a highly successful rehabilitation clinic and specialises in the recovery of ED suffers. They have created this infographic to educate and inform the world about the subject. Please Share.

Infographic: Does Social Media Support Eating Disorders?

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