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Top Muscle Building Foods

Building muscle is not just about going to the gym, lifting weights (albeit, that’s an effective way). The truth is, there are other ways that can help you gain muscle. We’re talking about the foods we eat. Did you know that there are certain muscle building foods? Some of them, perhaps, your favorite:

1. Cottage Cheese – Packed with casein protein.
2. Vegetables – Provide fiber and tons of essential nutrients.
3. Whey Protein – Loaded with high amounts of protein.
4. Fatty and Low-Fat Fish – Rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids.
5. Nuts – Perfect blend of protein and fiber

In addition, add Tyrosine, ZMA, Vitamin C, Glutamine, or Arginine into your diet. You’ll be surprised how effective these components in building muscle.

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Top Muscle Building Foods

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