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Why Dogs Are Better Than Boyfriends

Ever had a day when you felt more love for your pooch than your better half? The Honest Kitchen, the only human-grade pet food company in the country, has created a fun and cheeky infographic in honor of their 10-year-anniversary about the top ten reasons why dogs are better than boyfriends. Also, the company is offering 20% off their human-grade foods for dogs and cats throughout their anniversary month.”

Brought to you by

Brought to you by


  1. I totally agree…especially 1 and 9

  2. hahhaha!! I love this. IT’s so true =)

  3. Very wordy for an infographic.
    Gotta show my special someone this. Hehe.

  4. Cute but a bit overly texty. Love the pics though. And the yellow background really makes it pop

  5. I would add any animal…….. I like cats although they dont express their feelings the same way. :)

    I am married though and we both love animals, but I see the point.

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