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Infographic: Diamond Engagement Rings and Diamond Stud Earrings

One word you never think about when buying diamond engagement rings and diamond stud earrings is “cheap”. Thankfully, at DiamondStudsWholesale.com we have brought our costs down so low we can finally sell real affordable diamond earrings. But what is the evolution of diamond stud earrings?

This Infographic takes a look at the history of diamond engagement rings and diamond stud earrings, from one of the first recorded uses of a diamond engagement ring of Archduke Maximilian from Austria in his proposal to Mary of Burgandy in 1477, to the abundance of low priced diamond studs available to consumers all over the world in today’s current market. The information provided also focuses on the diamond buying process, from high end brick-n-mortar retail outlets like Zales, to online resources and a diamond studs wholesaler like Diamond Studs Wholesale. The typical life cycle of a diamond in a retail environment is also provided, moving from the hands of a trader, to when a jeweler sells the ring at a marked up price. Diamond retail sales are addressed, garnering a value of $72 Billion globally in 2012, including some of the most expensive wedding engagement rings ever created. Lastly, the information provides a glimpse into the four “C’s” of diamond value and many of the shapes that are available to consumers around the world.

Infographic: Diamond Engagement Rings and Diamond Stud Earrings

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  1. black and white diamond rings

    Really very helpful info graph on diamond shapes & cuts, it really refined my approach about the shapes of diamond.

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