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  1. Size doesnt matter.Good sex is about connection.

  2. Size doesn’t necessarily matter. Think of it this way, just 2 fingers can take a woman to the moon.

  3. Size absolutely matters!. Once you have a big penis experience you cannot enjoy a small one. I have loved guys for their heart and minds but eventually the inability to please me is what has me moving on. I feel for men…

  4. I think size does matter. I know a couple girls who have laughed at me for being small. Only to find out I’m a grower not a show er

  5. This is really good info to know. Its crazy that only 44 percent of people are satisfied with their sex lives.

  6. In my opinion size does really matter Ive read alot about this and my own personal experience believes to have an exceptional sex life iff the manhood is of greater size at the end of the day its all about love and trust really but a big manhood is a bonus in my eyes

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