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Why Gas Prices Are Too Damn High

Getting an online degree means you can get an education at your convenience. But one of the best things about an online education is never driving to campus.

With gas prices continually rising, driving has become a burden to millions of people around the world. High gas prices hit student wallets the hardest as they try to pay for gas along with tuition. Going to an online school can cut one of those burdens because you can learn everything you need without starting your car. Although, those of us who work while going to school will still feel the pain at the pump. So why does this happen? What’s the reason behind the rising cost of gas? This infographic will show you exactly why gas prices are rising and why you should be glad you’re not driving to class.

Brought to you by onlinebachelordegreeprograms.com.

Brought to you by onlinebachelordegreeprograms.com

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  1. I wonder also why gas prices are so damn high… and I still don”t understand why….If they would stay around the same price…I could understand that….but the ups and downs I don’t understand…

  2. Very good infographic and very well laid out. Unreal they get tax break huh?

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