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An infographic on fashion trends from today and tomorrow

Have you ever wondered how fashion trends get started? Like all things in life, history seems to repeat itself. Trends that are popular today are the same ones that were hip when your grandparents were growing up! Nowadays, people refer to this trend and culture as “hipster,” but what does that even mean? Fortunately for you, there is this infographic that breaks down what it means to be a hipster in the new millennium and can be a source of inspiration the next time you are on the lookout for new pieces for your wardrobe. Whether you need to grow out your facial hair, get a new pair of thick-rimmed glasses, or find the perfect vintage shirt for your collection, this infographic will point you in the right direction. These retro items are influenced by different styles throughout history, so don’t shy away from talking to your parents and grandparents to see what clothes they have packed away that you can use! Check ‘em out and don’t forget to try some wholesale clothing shopping to really save on those styles!

Created by the staff at Prime Time Clothing, where you will find the latest wholesale fashion at lowprices.

An infographic on fashion trends from today and tomorrow

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  1. Fashion is so fickle, it’s confusing! This infographic gives a very clear examination of the trend of each era! Great job as always!

  2. Absolutely love the ’10 signs you dress like a Hipster’! It’s also fascinating to see the different trends of different eras!

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