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Infographic: Guys have had it easy … for now

Guys just aren’t great at buying gifts for the women in their lives. It’s a fact of life. Sometimes they try hard, sometimes they don’t try at all, but generally it’s not something they’re good at. And there are two reasons – they don’t know what to get and they don’t have confidence in going for it, even if they do know what to get. So a large number of women never get that perfect gift. But it doesn’t need to be that way – there is a ready source of information out there on what she likes: her friends!

This infographic from AskHerFriends shows just how that Happiness gap can be bridged, by exploding a few Man Myths…

Brought to you by AskHerFriends.

Infographic: Guys have had it easy ... for now

Brought to you by AskHerFriends

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