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Infographic: What to wear to a wedding?

When you go at a wedding you have to wear nice clothe. But the nice clothe depends on what time og the day the wedding is being held. The reles are not that simple, for instance: you cannot wear a white dress as the bride, then you might overshadow her. Instead you want to wear a dress appropriate for the time of the day. Informal day, short dress – informal evening, cocktail dress. And so on it continues with different informal – semi-formal or formal styles.

There are a lot of different terms following how to appear at a wedding, one is for sure, fit in!

Brought to you by pixienova.com.

Infographic: What to wear to a wedding?

Brought to you by pixienova.com

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  1. I think you should stay away from anything white, because it is very desrepsectful to the bride. I think as a guest, you don’t want to try and still her spot light

  2. I think a little black dress goes a long way.

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