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Infographic: 17 Survival Tips for Facebook Marketing

If you’re looking for a basic overview of how to market your business on Facebook, you could read countless books and blogs, watch an endless stream of videos, or take part in several webinars — or just check out this infographic from PostRocket. The folks at PostRocket summed up the 17 most essential tenets to Facebook marketing in one colorful infographic.

Brought to you by PostRocket via allfacebook.com.

Infographic: 17 Survival Tips for Facebook Marketing

Brought to you by PostRocket via allfacebook.com

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  1. Fantastic infographic. All the information you need for a successful Social Media Campaign in one place.

  2. Internet Marketing Company

    This is an excellent infographic. A lot of internet marketing companies will benefit from following the tips in the graphic. Even the basic “always write back” is often neglected when it is highly integral the social media process. Thanks for the share.

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