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Infographic: Become a Google+ Power User

I know what you’ll say, with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. the last thing you need is another social networking site. You’re probably thinking that your online connections are enough and that adding another network would only add to your worries.

It’s a thought that many ponder but does it really hold water?

When it comes to making connections, having them visible in your timeline is not enough. Connections are about engagement. What good are people in your existing social networks if you haven’t had the chance to engage with them not even once?

Google+ is unique because it’s a platform that makes it easier to connect to groups and communities rather than individuals. Hence, talking and engaging people is a breeze in Google+. Because all you have to do is connect to them through the same passion or interests you have with those people.

Now if you’re someone who knows which are the right priorities to take when it comes to social networking, this infographic on how to become a Google+ power user shoulf serve your well.

Michelle A. Davis is an inbound marketing consultant. Her recent venture with Herbalife online is the most successful attempt with online affiliate business yet.

Infographic: Become a Google+ Power User


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