Friday , 27 March 2015
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Art or Vanity? A Look at the Selfie Backlash

Earlier this year The Chainsmokers released their hit single, #Selfie and not that long ago Merriam-Webster added the word Selfie to the dictionary. While there’s no denying that Selfie’s are popular, PicsArt, a free mobile photo editing app decided to conduct a survey to find out how Americans really feel about Selfies.

The results? There’s a bit of selfie scorn.

In fact, 74% of camera phone users are generally annoyed by selfies, with half blaming it on how people pose. But 51% also admit they’ve felt some selfie envy over how good other people look in their photos. This may be giving rise to a new breed of selfies, with 44% users reporting that they use photo editing apps to create “artistic selfies” by applying motion blur, photo blending, digital make-up and other effects.


Art or Vanity? A Look at the Selfie Backlash

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