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4 Killer Technologies Incorporated To The DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter

With the DJI Phantom reaching a fourth generation, it was time to look at the main differences between it and its predecessors. In this infographics we will be looking at 4 killer new technologies fitted to the Phantom 4 and why those features make it one of the most fun and best drones to fly within its price range. via …

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Hiring A DJ For Your Wedding

Hiring a Wedding DJ

Unsure of what kind of entertainment you want on your big day? There are many different options to choose from, perhaps hiring a professional DJ maybe the perfect solution. This infographic shows the benefits of hiring a DJ, statistics about wedding entertainment and helpful advice if you are hiring a DJ. via ukmobilediscos.co.uk  

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History TV Channels, Networks and series

Who loves History? It’s a good question! Our team at Writers Per Hour – Custom Writing Service researched and found that Historical TV Shows have a huge impact on our attitude towards History. History is a universal subject that is also very controversial in its nature. We know that this statement is debatable, but so are most of the historical …

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2015 – 2016 Winter Festival of Lights

The Winter of Lights Festival begins on November 21st, 2015 in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. The Festival features over 120 displays and 3 million LED lights and takes place over a 3 month span. The Marriott Gateway on the Falls is close to a number of the displays and is your headquarters for an amazing Winter Niagara Falls Vacation. via …

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Everyone is Moving to New Orleans’ CBD

The New Orleans Central Business District is home to restaurants, entertainment, and entrepreneurs. It’s the perfect place for families young and old, as well as young professionals and those that love to go out. Many are moving into this neighborhood, and staying at the historical buildings like the Four Winds that complement decades old architecture with futuristic amenities like smart-phone …

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World’s most dangerous stunts performed by stars

A great movie stunt gets people talking and keeps the audience on the edge of their seat. Stunts have been an integral part of the film industry since the early 1900s and have always drawn the biggest crowds at the Box Office. With stunts getting ever more complicated and elaborate, the advances in CGI and safety accessories means that actors …

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Top 50 Animated Movies Ever

50 Animated Movies Ever

The team at gamedesigning.org have put together a list of the top 50 animated movies from the last 100 years. The list was created using reviews, gross revenue, and scores from rotten tomatoes, and IMBD. You owe it to yourself to check out at least the top 10, both for you and your children. Take a look at the 50 …

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Martyn Gerrard at 50 – 50 Facts for 50 Years

From the price of everyday items like bread, milk and petrol through to the cost of a house and what cars were popular at the time, this infographic from London estate agents Martyn Gerrard – celebrating their 50th year – looks back at Britain in 1964 and demonstrates just how much has changed in those five decades. Click through to …

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Unmissable TV: A new interactive data visualisation from Panasonic

When the internet and social media came along, some people thought it was the end of us all gathering around the TV, but now we just gather around it in a whole new way. Now, we gather around hashtags while we’re watching the drama unfold. Recent research by Nielsen found that a quarter of TV viewers said they were more …

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Infographic: Do Movie Studios Matter?

iAcquire and SurveyMonkey collected data about how people find out about new movies and what they use to determine which movies are worth seeing. We found that social media is crucial in helping people decide whether or not they will go to the movies. While movie studios are active on social media, their brand accounts often fall flat next to …

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