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Surprisingly Americans Like Basketball more than Porn


The NBA Finals 2016 championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors, started on June 2nd with over 7 Games ending on its final day June 19th. Here at Camsoda we noticed huge drops in token spending during the hours of the game. So we posted a few graphs which prove that perhaps our users prefer basketball over hot …

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10 of the Best Late Excuses to Tell Your Boss

10 of the Best Late Excuses to Tell Your Boss When you’re running late to work, it helps to have a believable excuse to get you off the hook and keep you on your boss’s good side! If you are running late for work, use the infographic below as a handy reference for the best excuses to give when you’re …

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I’m a dog. I hate hugs. Get over it.

I am a dog, I hate hugs

An infographic by the Canine Public Relations Committee To: Humans From: Dogs excerpt: “Just like humans, dogs are complicated creatures. We have our likes and dislikes just like you. But this hugging thing got way out of hand. We’ve been tight for thousands of years. Are you humans gonna throw that away over this? Sorry if we hurt your feelings, …

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Infographic: Worst Celebrity Fake Tanning Fails

As residents in the UK we don’t always see enough of the sun for us to acquire that beautiful summer tan that we all long for, but the fake tanning products we have in stock here at Mistry’s Pharmacy can help you to look fantastic whatever the weather. Of course this can sometimes be easier said than done, so be …

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