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Things to remember while travelling


This info graphic lists the very important things that we usually tend to forget when we pack our bags. To make your travel stress free we have given 10 points to remember before travelling. These points were carefully drafted by the team of choosevilla and as the company specializes in crafting unique holiday options for or esteemed guests this will …

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Holiday of the Future

Holiday of the Future

How will the evolution of technology improve our holiday experience in the near distant future? From smarter suitcases, to safer beaches, to more comfortable and energy efficient modes of transport, the MinistryofVillas.com experts predict which inventions will become the norm for travellers and holidaymakers within the next 50 years. Ministry ​of Villas are ​experts in personalized travel and accommodation, helping …

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10 Incredible Ways to Save Money on your Holiday Travel


We hope you enjoy our Holiday-themed infographic! Christmas is a time for gifts, carols, eggnog, spending timed with loved ones and of course, holiday travel. Travel during the holidays increases by 23%, but unfortunately so does travel cost. That’s why we decided to create a helpful infographic with 10 amazing tips and travel hacks to help you save big bucks …

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Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving from OMGstorage.com, may you have a wonderful and enjoyable holiday and make sure to share your blessing with the rest of the people around you. via omgstorage.com

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Discover Prague – Europe’s Top Budget Holiday Destination


Prague is a stunning city, but the Czech Republic capital is not commonly thought of as a budget friendly holiday destination. This infographic challenges the assumption Prague is such an expensive city to visit. Discover what you can do for free, or for very little money, in this picturesque city. Also find out where you should avoid and how much …

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The Holidays Are Here


Rubicon Project surveyed 2,009 individuals in the U.S., U.K. and Canada to get a detailed look at the consumer habits driving holiday shopping in 2015. via rubiconproject.com

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How to Prepare Your Caravan for Winter


The Caravan Company have put together this in-depth infographic, talking you through all the things you can do to ensure your caravan is fully prepared for the winter months from finding somewhere to store it to giving it that last thorough clean of the year. Making sure it’s protected from the elements, inside and out so that when spring arrives …

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Infographic: Happy St. Patricks Day


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! To get in the spirit, here is everything you need to know to have the best St. Patrick’s Day. From learning how to cook up the best Corned Beef & Cabbage, to pouring the perfect pint of Guinness, your St. Paddy’s day will be filled with food, and fun. For those who are looking for a …

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Infographic: Decorate Your Family Tree with a Personalized Ornament!


This holiday season, the Personalization Mall family is excited to provide our loyal customers with a fun gift guide so you are 100% satisfied with your personalized ornament – and we’re thrilled to be able to open our doors and invite you to help us Decorate Our Family Tree this year! Are you ready to get started? Brought to you …

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Infographic: Holiday Travel

Wouldn’t it be great if we never had to circle the block looking for that elusive parking spot? Never again be late for the theater or the ball game or dinner with friends? So in 2007, GottaPark began to reach out to local homeowners, parking garages, businesses and organizations to post their available parking spaces on our site. Thanks to …

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