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Infographic: How To Train Yourself To Speed Read


Mindflash is an online LMS that lets you create courses, manage trainees, and track the results. Just upload your PowerPoint, Word, PDF, or videos and Mindflash converts them into a professional-looking Web-based course. Easily add quizzes, invite trainees and track results with automated tools. Mindflash is the perfect solution for companies or departments who need to provide compliance, sales or ...

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How Marketers Can Create Stunning Infographics


Infographics are the coolest development in content marketing. Around the world, thousands of businesses are investing in beautiful, informative graphics that tell a story about their niche. If your business would benefit from the extra publicity, an infographic is a sure-fire way to generate interest and promote your brand as an authority figure. Creating infographics can be a little daunting: ...

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Memorial Day: Remembering The Fallen


Whatever you do this holiday weekend, take a moment to appreciate what it really all means. Ultimatecoupons wanted to pay homage to the heroes that fight for our country.  The infographic below has several interesting facts about the inception of Memorial Day and common practices to honor our servicemen.  They also included information about one of America’s favorite pastimes, the Memorial ...

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The Life And Works of Vincent van Gogh


There’s more to Van Gogh than sunflowers and a missing ear. He’s one of the greatest artists that ever lived and he was awesome. Take a look at our guide to find out more about the ‘Fou-Roux’ from the low lands! Brought to you holidayblog.easyjet.com. Brought to you holidayblog.easyjet.com

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X Factor UK social media infographic for Week 10


Elemental’s social media Week 10 infographic for The X Factor live shows finale. The graphic shows the social media performance for the final week of the three remaining finalists, their judges and the programme makers from the series. The infographic demonstrates how social media predicted the winner, girl band Little Mix, making X Factor history becoming the first group to win. ...

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Theme Parks Are Big Business


Ever wondered which theme park records the most visitors, what that fastest ride in the world is or whether there is a theme park consisting entirely of dwarfs? Well here is everything that you need to know about theme parks, and plenty that you don’t. Brought to you by iglucruise.com. Brought to you by iglucruise.com

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The Cost of Early Adoption


With the rapid change in technology, knowing when to purchase a truly innovative product is becoming increasingly more difficult. With promises of changing our lives or saving time and money, more often than not, the initial release doesn’t live up to these expectations – at least not right away. However, many of us wait in long lines to be the ...

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What Does Your Eye Color Say About You?


With all of the different eye colors in existence and all the beautiful shades of blue, green, gray and brown, below we examine the reasons why such eye color disparities occur in people.  Scientists used to believe that the only colors in existence were blue, green and brown, but recent research has uncovered many different shades of each eye color ...

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How To Live Forever?


The guest for immortality is as old as history itself. Today, we study the habits of those who live the longest, and invest countless billions in technology we hope will allow us to live forever. The average life expectancy for an American today is 78 years, but for some people, that’s simply not enough. Brought to you by Greatist.com.

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Everything You didn’t Want to Know about Sausages


A sausage is a food made from ground meat and often salt, herbs, and spices. The word sausage is derived from Old French saussiche, from the Latin word salsus, meaning salted. That’s what Wikipedia has to say about sausages, here’s verything you didn’t want to know about sausages. Brought to you by Foodcoupons.net.

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Battle of the Century: eLearning vs. Classroom Learning


According to the Department of Education, “online learning has been mdestly more effective, on average, than the traditional face-to-face instruction with which it has been compared.” Learners in classrooms connect to one another and develop collaborative and social skills. Brought to you by Opensesame.com.

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Drug Addict Profiles in Gamer Style


A quick look at the stereotypical addict profiles in a gamer style,  packed with humour and a serious message! Do you or a loved one have a drug problem? Learn about the symptoms and warning signs of substance abuse, the effects of addiction, and how to get help. Brought to you by rehab-programs.org.

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Creating Stunning Objects With 3D Printing


3D printing is a rapidly developing technology that allows simple objects to be perfectly replicated. While still at an early stage, the potential of the field is truly world-changing. An Introduction to 3D Printing. Brought to you by sculpteo.com.

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The Current State of Venture Capital


Getting a new business running sometimes means investing large sums of money, and when entrepreneurs don’t have the cash to make their visions reality, many turn to venture capitalists. Here is a look at where these deals are being approved, and which industries are commanding the highest investments. Brought to you by focus.com in collaboration with Column Five.

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Combating Mass Incarceration


The war on drugs has helped make the U.S. the world’s largest incarcerator, but our addiction to incarceration is unfair, costs too much and doesn’t make us safer. Brought to you by aclu.org.

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The Business of Giving


As the economy struggles to rebound and households continue to scale back on spending, there is an increasing trend in the business world toward investing in corporate social responsibility. Even in these tough economic times, companies realize the importance of supporting local communities and philanthropic causes. Supporting a cause that positively reflects on a brand and its core values demonstrates ...

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Avoiding A large phone bill when traveling


Ensuring that you stay in contact with family and friends while traveling abroad requires careful planning. The infographic provides a step-by-step guide on how to research phone compatibility with international servers as well as selecting a mobile operator that will help you save money in the long-run. Interesting international phone call statistics are used to highlight the growing importance of ...

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How Small Business Has Gone Gaga for Mobile


As adoption of mobile smart devices (smartphones, tablets, and so on) has accelerated with consumers, so has it among small businesses. More and more small businesses are now choosing to liberate their operations from the office desk and takie advantage of the anytime, anywhere power of mobile. Brought to you by intuit.com in collaboration with Column Five.

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Fun Father Facts


To celebrate Father’s Day in the U.S. on 6/19/11, Geni (geni.com) created an infographic with fun facts pulled from its nearly 17 million profiles of dads.

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