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Who owns whom on a Canadian Life Insurance Market

Canadian Life Insurance Market

The variety of life insurance companies in Canada is not what it appears to be in the Canadian market. From a consumer perspective, there are nearly 50 life and health insurance providers, but the reality is a bit different. via nomedicallifeinsurance.ca

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5 times temporary car insurance could be a real life saver!

Temporary car insurance is ideal for a wide range of situations. Whether you’re borrowing a car in an emergency, heading off on a driving holiday or even learning to drive, it can save you time and money. Rather than adjusting your existing policy, getting temporary insurance means your premiums don’t go up and your No Claims Bonus is unaffected. Find …

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Car insurance for women

Compare niche insurance policies which others don’t compare using Quotiva’s stress-free quote comparison system. An easy way to find great deals. On top of finding it, it’s our ambition to deliver five star customer service – and we’re proud to say we’re there already! via quotiva.co.uk

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What stops people buying insurance online

We recently carried out an independent survey on people’s insurance buying habits and one thing that flagged up was just how different attitudes are between male and female purchasers. This is the resultant infographic. via speedieconsulting.co.uk

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Have you ever wondered what tenants think of their landlords? Here is your opportunity to find out! CIA Insurance have conducted a survey using renters across the UK, including questions on the desired qualities in a landlord and the most important rental factors of a property. Through the results of this survey, the experts have created an infographic to highlight …

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How Safe Is Your Area

Do you know how safe your area is? Whether you’ve lived in your local area since childhood or you’ve recently moved there, here’s your chance to find out about the area in question. Check out this infographic created by the experts at CIA Landlords and take a look at the crime rates in your area. Find out everything from how …

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Infographic: The Basics of Short-Term Health Insurance

Having a gap in health insurance coverage can be a little nerve-wracking. Should you become ill or injure yourself, a single unexpected medical bill can potentially cause substantial financial strain. Short-term health insurance plans are designed to be a pocketbook-friendly coverage option during life’s in-between times. They include benefits to help pay for unexpected medical expenses such emergency room visits, …

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Infographic: The Disability Disconnect

Think you’re invincible? You’re not alone. Most working Americans drastically underestimate the odds of experiencing an income-interrupting injury or illness that will last an extended period of time. Now consider that more than one in four of today’s 20-year-olds will have their income interrupted by a disability before they retire. That’s because some top causes of long-term disabilities aren’t catastrophic …

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