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Blogging Law for All Content Creators Online

The rules of blogging sound very simple yet they can be very complicated. The punishment for copyright infringement can be very harsh – hefty (monetary) fines and even jail time. Many content creators and bloggers online don’t know the rules of engagement online. This infographic from Monder Law group can help. via monderlaw.com

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Infographic: Top 5 Defensive Driving Techniques to Avoid a Car Accident

In this infographic, you will learn some tips to help you drive more defensively on the road. Although defensive driving cannot always prevent a crash, it can certainly decrease the likelihood of one. If you need help following an accident, contact Sinnamon Lawyers on 1800 007 277 or visit sinnamonlawyers.com.au to seek legal advice or arrange an obligation free appointment.

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How Do Family Law Attorneys Use Social Media For Evidence?

This infographic explores how certain cases like the one above have led to legal definitions of what one can expect on Facebook or other social networks. On Facebook, for example, one cannot reasonably expect privacy, so you’d better not post anything you might want to keep hidden from your soon-to-be-ex if you’re in the middle of a divorce. You can …

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