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Holiday Shopping Habits

Holiday Shopping Habits

The latest infographic from Insights in Marketing takes a look at the different ways men and women research their holiday purchases, and the most effective ways to reach them. via insightsinmarketing.com

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Your Guide to Halloween Marketing

Halloween Marketing

Whatever your personal stance is on Halloween festivities, it can’t be ignored! An average of $8.4 billion is going to be spent this year alone on the holiday which equals a $1.5 billion increase from last year! To break that down a bit further, the four main categories that make that up spend are as follows : Costumes ($3.1 B), …

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What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing Guide

Inbound marketing is the heart and soul of any successful online campaign. In order to get people to notice your brand and, more importantly, convert those people into customers, you’ll need to implement several inbound strategies. That’s why we created this handy-dandy infographic that details the four fundamental stages of a successful inbound marketing campaign. Whether you’re new to the …

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Mind Blowing Mobile Web Traffic Statistics in Realtime

Traffic Statistics in Realtime

Real time web traffic statistics can be amazing. Read correctly, some say that they can see the ebb and flow of the internet, and can start to see where the traffic is going and try to predict the next big thing. One of the more amazing things about real time web traffic statistics is just how much happens in an …

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Back-To-School 2016 : Marketing and Sales Guide


It’s always surprising how many brands don’t take action during the back-to-school season… because it is really an unsung hero when it comes to sales. For many brands it accounts for an astounding 68% of their Q3 sales, as well as 17.2% of their year round sales!! One reason that it seems to sneak up on everyone is due to …

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Facebook or SEO: Which is Better?

Facebook or SEO

Facebook and SEO are both the two most popular ways to invest into the marketing of your website. One can get thousands of eyes on your business in minutes, and the other can take years for the same results. This infographic compares both techniques so that you can determine which you’d like to invest your time and money into. via …

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Why Social Media and Blogging Are a Waste of Time and Revenue

social media waste of time

This infographic was created to show business owners of client based businesses the value of outsourcing their social media. By holding onto it in house, they are wasting their own valuable time and revenue when they could be using that time on billable client work. I took more of a controversial headline to simply capture reader attention. via clientraction.com

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2016 Checklist for Growing your Online Sales

Digital Marketing Infographic

This checklist provides some strategic tips and recommendations to help you out perform your competition in 2016. Some strategies you may already be implementing, but hopefully this Digital Marketing checklist provides some new ideas and approaches that will drive new customers to your online store, and to help retain existing ones. via pixel-house.com.au

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How does color influence customer behavior?

color influence Marketing

The ways consumers react to colors and the emotions associated with them can impact how they respond to a product. This infographic offers insight into how colors influence customer perception. via insightsinmarketing.com

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SEO for Startups & New Websites? Hold Off Momentarily!

SEO for Startups

If you’re launching a new website or a budding startup you definitely have your hands full with ensuring your site is garnering traffic and ranking high on search engines. As seen in this setup SEO vs. Ongoing SEO infographic created by eTraffic on SEO for new websites & startups. Before getting into heavy duty SEO you’ll need to dedicate some …

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Influencer Marketing in the Digital World

Influencer Marketing

If you are an actor struggling to break through, surely you must be looking forward to a big break – an opportunity to act with a big star, in other words, an influencer. When you work with an influencer you can tap into their fame, audience and reach. This is a quick way to grow your credibility and brand name …

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Funding Circle, a UK and US lending marketplace, has just commissioned a talented illustrator, Jordi Machi, to create amazing illustrations of 100 brilliant business minds. The piece features the illustrations of those 100 selected businessmen and businesswomen, their most famous quotes on working, success and failure, as well as a quiz to test your knowledge! Try it out! via fundingcircle.com

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The Twitter Power User Cheat Sheet

Twitter Power User Cheat Sheet

Becoming a Twitter power user takes time, commitment, and dedication. These facts come from proven studies on the best times of the day to tweet and the nature of your followers, so that you can market to them in the most effective ways possible. These are tips that the pros use and things they consider every time they post something …

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Why You Should Give StumbleUpon a Red Hot Go


If you are blogger, a small business, new to online marketing or web content creation then you might want to give StumbleUpon a red hot go. Why? There is way too much competition on the major social media sites. If you don’t have a following you are mere noise. You can get direct traffic to your site with StumbleUpon and there …

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9 Email Marketing Tips from Your Favorite Monsters

Your Favorite Monsters

It’s not easy to explain why we enjoy scary books and horror movies so much. Some say it’s because they are the products of curiosity and fascination. Others claim that they are a reflection of our societal fears. Either way, the genre has brought into the popular culture a great deal of truly amazing characters. We decided to reflect on …

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12 Ways to Bulldoze your House of Branding Horrors


It’s easy for branding blunders and marketing misdemeanors to creep up on brand and marketing managers but never fear, the Pixel8 Brandbusters are here! Nige, Jamie, Nic, and Sian have donned their brand busting gear and are ready to hit the streets for some serious bad brand busting. With over 15 years of brand and marketing expertise, they’re pumped up …

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9 Ways Business Card Marketing Can Still Be Effective In The Digital Age


There’s has been a great deal of attention about digital marketing in the last few years. SEO, blogging, social media marketing, website optimization they all offer benefits. We’re firmly in the digital age today. However, that doesn’t mean that traditional marketing methods are useless. Business cards can still play an important roll in marketing and networking. via designsnprint.com

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How to win at social media management


Social media management (SMM) tools improve the social efforts for 95 percent of users. That is just one of the findings from a report published last month: Social media management: Tools, tactics … and how to win, and highlighted in a new infographic. via venturebeat.com

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8 Ways Autoresponders Make Email Marketing More Effective!


You should definitely get to know how autoresponders work and recognize their value to email marketing. Making autoresponders a part of your online communication strategy saves a huge amount of time and lets you better adapt your content to specific subscribers. Like the name says, autoresponders are sent automatically, usually in response to subscriber actions. Depending on the kind of …

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See what email marketing can do for you!


Email is everywhere! We use it at work, we use it to communicate with friends and we use it send commercial messages. Even if you use email marketing on a daily basis, you should remember that if you’re not moving forward you are moving back. You should always look for new ways to improve your email marketing strategy: analyse reports, …

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How to Be the Super Hero at Your Next Industry Trade Show


This infographic illustrates the power of using promotional products at a trade show, as well as which items are best and most liked. It shows the statistics behind using promotional items, as well as how people use the trade show giveaways or everyday use, spreading your brand’s visibility all over. via gopromotional.co.uk

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