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Memorial Day: Remembering The Fallen


Whatever you do this holiday weekend, take a moment to appreciate what it really all means. Ultimatecoupons wanted to pay homage to the heroes that fight for our country.  The infographic below has several interesting facts about the inception of Memorial Day and common practices to honor our servicemen.  They also included information about one of America’s favorite pastimes, the Memorial …

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Horn of Africa Sees Worst Drought in 60 Years

horn-of-africa-crisis- infographic-final2

A famine is occurring in several regions in the Horn of Africa as a result of a severe drought that is affecting the entire Eastern Africa region. The drought, said to be “the worst in 60 years”,has caused a severe food crisis across Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya that threatens the livelihood of more than 12 million people. This infographic provides …

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Media Consumption Habits – A Generational Breakdown


Regardless of our age or social background, we are continuously exposed to media outlets that we use to fulfill our own purposes. However, depending on our age and our varying ability to access these media channels, we have been using them in different ways at different times of the the day. Brought to you by mbaonline.com via economywatch.com.

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Do Men and Women Cheat?


Having an affair or cheating on a partner happens more often than most people want to admit however how much do men and women really cheat? If you are worried that you may be the only one cheating then guess again. Almost anywhere you look there is bound to be someone who has cheated before! Brought to you by nocommitment.com.

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If the Star Wars Characters Lived in Our World


Alert all commands! To celebrate the release of Star Wars on Blu-ray, our Ultimate Coupons team (which clearly has far too much time on its hands) got to thinking about what certain Star Wars characters would be doing today if they existed in real life. See what we came up with and let us know what you think. Don’t worry, …

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World Trade Center Reborn


The new World Trade Center site will include the National 9/11 Memorial Plaza and Museum and 1 WTC, soon to be the tallest building in the United States. Brought to you by History.com in collaboration with Column Five Media.

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Over 1 Million Shoplifters & Dishonest Employees


The 23rd annual retail theft survey by Jack L. Hayes International reports that shoplifters and dishonest employees stole over $7 billion from 23 major US retailers in 2010. These 23 surveyed retailers also apprehended over one million shoplifters and dishonest employees and recovered more than $148 million from them. The infographic below takes a deeper dive into the statistics from …

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UK Riots by the Numbers


The fatal shooting of 29-year-old Mark Duggan by officers of the Met Police Service on the 4th August 2011 in Tottenham, sparked an outbreak of riots in London. Over the following days the riots spread across England, mostly centred on several major cities. To date, 5 people have died, over 1700 people have been arrested and an estimated £200-million worth …

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How Much You Should Tip In Every Possible Situation?


The next time you are in a situation where tipping is expected, don’t be caught unaware.  Familiarize yourself with the accepted practices of the business you will be utilizing, and you will find that your service provider will go out of his or her way to ensure that your experience is as pleasant and enjoyable as possible. Brought to you …

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The American Vacation


With another summer winding down, did you end up taking a vacation this year? Perhaps are you heading out for a relaxing getaway this month? We wanted to celebrate the summer vacation and Shark Week with another awesome infographic about the American vacation. Ever wanted to know the beaches to avoid due to a high percentage of shark attacks? Are …

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Top 10 Car Insurance Companies


Car insurance companies number well over 100 in many states but who are the top 10 car insurance companies? Most drivers would not be surprised to see Allstate, State Farm or GEICO on the list of top 10 car insurance companies by market share but how about USAA, Farmers or Liberty Mutual? Brought to you by Carinsurancecompanies.net.

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The Opportunity Cost of Watching TV


You probably first learned about opportunity cost sitting in your high school economics class, while your teacher made an analogy that involved gum and ice cream. The concept is simple: when you make a choice to do something, you give up an opportunity to do something else valuable. As TV waves invade our homes and consciousness, we have to ask …

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Distracted Driving Statistics


What is Distracted Driving and how serious of a problem are distractions to drivers? Read the infographic below to learn more about distracted driving statistics and become aware of the potential dangers involved by not paying attention to the road. Brought to you by  CompareAutoInsurance.com.

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Is There Alien Life Out There… on Earth?


Forget about extraterrestrial life out there in the universe. What about here on Earth? Here’s a look at what people in different countries believe about the possibility of aliens walking among us. A collaboration between GOOD and Column Five Media.

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That’s What THAY Say


Read the Hunch blog enough, and you’ll be able to pick out airplane aisle and window seaters while you wait to board. In just five minutes of small talk, you can make a good guess about whether a stranger uses a Mac or a PC. And here’s a fun one: Go to a catered business meeting and try to figure out who’s liberal, conservative, …

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Who’s the World’s Next Top Model?


The Fashion Spot went in search of the answer to this burning question. For our tally, we ignored the power earners like Gisele and Kate Moss and sought out the most in-demand models dominating the runways, magazines, ad campaigns, and social media in the past year. Think you know who’s on top? See how your favorites measure up in the …

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Combating Mass Incarceration


The war on drugs has helped make the U.S. the world’s largest incarcerator, but our addiction to incarceration is unfair, costs too much and doesn’t make us safer. Brought to you by aclu.org.

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Top 10 Australian Muscle Cars


Top 10 Australian Muscle Cars. Holden Torana, Charage , Monaro, or Falcon, which one is australia’s best muscle car? …Australian Muscle Cars. Brought to you by Trading Post – Online and Mobile Classifieds.

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10 Deadly Solar Powered Weapons


Despite it’s reputation for enviromental concern and low-impact living, solar power can be lethal when used for warfare and weaponry. Brought to you by solarpanelfreequotes.com.au.

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Top Movie and TV Villains


The top 10 movie and TV villains of all time and some interesting facts about some of their most memorable villains like Michael Myer’s, Jason Voorhees, and Darth Vader. For example, 80% of Michael Myer’s kills are committed indoors as opposed to outdoors. It also shows the box office release gross of the top 10 movies as well as how …

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Things That Happen On Internet Every Sixty Seconds


World Wide Web is growing at rapid pace. On average, more than a billion new pages are added to it every day. To give you an idea of how big world wide web is, our Infographic 60 Seconds will cover some really interesting facts about websites that we use on day-to-day basis. Brought to you by go-gulf.com.

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