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How To Clean Your Dogs Ears

Clean Your Dogs Ears

Ear care is an important aspect of every dog owners grooming routine. Often overlooked, the ears are a breeding ground for bacteria which can lead to a nasty infection. Undertake this quick and effective ear cleaning routine once a week to keep your dogs ears nice and healthy via propooch.com

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What is Your Pet Drinking?

Tap water in general has been known to carry many toxic chemicals such as fluoride, arsenic, lead and mercury. Yet many pet owners choose to ignore this fact and still feed their pets sink water. This is deadly and dangerous because not only is it harming our pets, but it can ruin their health and quality of life. Fluoride is …

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Infographic: Man’s Best Friend, Carpets Biggest Foe

Most people tend to look at their pet as their best friend, companion, or family member because they bring so much happiness, companionship, joy, and love into our lives. However, they can also bring with them germs, bacteria, and illness into the home as well. Every time your beloved friend steps into your home, they bring a little bit of …

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