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The True Cost of Divorce in America


No one ever said that going through a divorce is easy. Not only does it affect the parties separating, but also impacts family members, particularly any kids that the divorcing couple might have. The process can take years, and cost a lot of money – and that’s not even touching on the emotional upheaval that the family will go through ...

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The Sexual Dysfunction Flowchart


Male and female sexual dysfunction problems affect over one third of the global population, contributing to MANY relationship breakdowns. Uncover 8 hidden causes of sex problems in this cool infographic – and how they play havoc with your sex life! via endtheproblem.com

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Vampires & Psychopaths: Perfect Boyfriend Material?


You can learn a lot about the type of man women truly desire from the TV characters they fantasize about. But who exactly are TV’s Lotharios and Casanovas? This vampire themed infographic reveals the top 10 sexiest characters on TV and why women find them so attractive. It includes a breakdown of the traits they all have in common and ...

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Infographic: Women Are From Venus


Everyone has heard the old saying, “Men are from mars and women are from venus.” But do you have better chances making contact with alien life than finding Mr or Miss Right? This infographic takes a look at online vs. offline dating from the viewpoint of an astrophysicist. Brought to you by freedating.co.uk

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