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Anatomy of Effective Landing Page


Improve your marketing strategy to publish effective landing pages where readers and viewers can easily connect to your business. Build your marketing with proven methods to increase your conversion of visitors to subscribers and/or buyers. via ezweb.company

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Outsource SEO or Keep In-House?

Outsource SEO

Want to optimize your website? How? You have two options: (1) Create an in-house SEO team; (2) Hire an SEO company. Before making a decision, it’s good to know their differences. What are the advantages or disadvantages? via seonational.com

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Facebook or SEO: Which is Better?

Facebook or SEO

Facebook and SEO are both the two most popular ways to invest into the marketing of your website. One can get thousands of eyes on your business in minutes, and the other can take years for the same results. This infographic compares both techniques so that you can determine which you’d like to invest your time and money into. via …

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Challenges Franchise Businesses Face with Search Engine Marketing


A search engine marketing campaign is a great way to garner success for a franchise business. Even though there are numerous benefits that come with this digital marketing strategy, there are also several unique challenges associated with it. The franchisor and franchisee need to find common ground in order to get the most out of this type of campaign. via …

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SEO Infographics in a Nutshell


‪SEO‬ can be a complicated spiderweb. AskAnny.com cracked and decoded the complex world of ‪search engine optimization‬ for you. Let our ‪‎infographic‬ be your guide to help ‪‎optimize‬ your ‪small business‬ ‪search engine‬ results! If you’ve got more questions or need further information, don’t hesitate to ‪AskAnny‬! via AskAnny.com

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SEO for Startups & New Websites? Hold Off Momentarily!

SEO for Startups

If you’re launching a new website or a budding startup you definitely have your hands full with ensuring your site is garnering traffic and ranking high on search engines. As seen in this setup SEO vs. Ongoing SEO infographic created by eTraffic on SEO for new websites & startups. Before getting into heavy duty SEO you’ll need to dedicate some …

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Do’s and Dont’s of Local SEO in 2016

Local SEO in 2016

The online world is not only very attractive to product and service owners, it has also given ammunition and valuable information to the end client; they can read reviews, share good or bad experiences, provide feedback with positive or negative comments that the world can see. So take what you learn from this infographic to improve local SEO and provide …

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Content Marketing and SEO: The Timeline of Key Events

Content Marketing & SEO

Browse through the history of content marketing and SEO, comprehensively presented in this interactive infographic, and witness its velocious evolution. Although content and SEO have always been associated with one another, their relationship has become stronger over the last several years. Of course, SEO still involves getting the technical properties right, improving overall user experience and tweaking the website for …

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How Google’s Algorithm Works


While the Google’s algorithm is amazingly complex, it’s not magic. Google began as a modest endeavor to make all library books searchable. But the creators of Google shortly recognized that their logic could be used to arrange the worlds information in an easily accessible format. Way in the invincible power it feels like today. When Google launched in 1998 there …

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The Twitter Power User Cheat Sheet

Twitter Power User Cheat Sheet

Becoming a Twitter power user takes time, commitment, and dedication. These facts come from proven studies on the best times of the day to tweet and the nature of your followers, so that you can market to them in the most effective ways possible. These are tips that the pros use and things they consider every time they post something …

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SEO Checklist for Website Redesign


When it come to website redesign, the biggest issue is how it will affect your SEO performance and definitely a big headache to SEO Agency. There is so much issues & obstacles that can go wrong along the way from not planning your 301 redirect map to no 404 page setup and many more. But this infographic by Digitrio aim …

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Google PageSpeed Insights for Dummies


As we know, website speed is huge for UX and top rankings in Google. Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool is the best way to figure out what’s holding your site back from loading faster. The problem is, the recommendations are meant for developers. If you don’t speak code, they’re difficult to interpret. I put together an infographic that details the top …

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Simple Explanation to What is SEO


SEO is complex with its 200+ factors that it uses. But at the heart of it, it is simply about Relevance & Authority. This is a simple infographic on what actually is SEO and common terms about SEO like Black hat, White hat and Google Algorithms & more. via digitrio.com.sg

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Infographic: The Periodic Table of Content Marketing


Content is king is SEO, reason for the folks at econsultancy.com to put together ‘The Periodic Table of Content Marketing’. The Periodic Table of Content Marketing speaks for itself, yet there are eight areas they focussed on: Strategy, Format, Content Type, Platform, Metrics, Goals, Sharing Triggers & Checklist.  

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Infographic: The A to Z of SEO


Thomson Local presents an A to Z guide to Search Engine Optimisation. SEO can be confusing for newcomers, especially due to the number of technical terms that are thrown around. This infographic is perfect for Search Engine Optimisation newbies as it explains the key concepts behind some of the most commonly used terms in the search marketing industry. The most …

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Google Panda in Plain English


In February of 2011, the Google Panda algorithm changed the SEO world forever.  After a year of ripping through what Google deems as “spammy” sites, how has Panda affected you? There has been non-stop chatter between Internet marketers and SEOs about how to protect your site from Panda, but with all of the updates and revisions to this algorithm change, …

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SEO Salary Guide For Top 20 U.S. Markets


The demand for SEO professionals continues to rise across the country, but what markets really provide the best opportunity? The SEO Salary Guide offers a look at what cities have the highest volume of SEO jobs, which titles are in the highest demand, and what the earning potential is for each segment. Brought to you by onwardsearch.com. Brought to you …

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SEO Software Survey 2011 – The Results


Skyrocket SEO surveyed 420 participants within the SEO community from a variety of countries to get a clearer picture of the worldwide market. Brought to you by skyrocketseo.co.uk. Brought to you by skyrocketseo.co.uk

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Why Content for SEO?


When you think of SEO, do you think of content marketing? You should. Matt Cutts has repeatedly said that quality content is key to Google rankings, and Bing’s Duane Forrester reminded marketers that “all SEO ranking signals revolve around content of some kind” at SMX Advanced 2011. High-quality, search-friendly content allows businesses to populate their sites with keywords and valuable …

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The History of Search


Great Infographic on the history of search by the guys from SEO.com. In the last 20 years, online searching has grown rapidly, first with the introduction of the World Wide Web back in 1991, and then with the development of search engines, web crawlers and page rankings.

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