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How to Choose the Right Architecture for a Modern Datacenter

Hyperscale datacenter

Traditional storage is no longer keeping up with the volume of data and the demand for workloads for enterprises, leading to the inception of hyperconverged and hyperscale storage approaches. Customers who come to Hedvig looking for an appropriate storage solution for their business have the option to choose either Hyperconverged or Hyperscale. Check out our infographic to learn more! via …

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PS4 vs. XBOX One Game Exclusives 2016


Game exclusives are becoming an important issue for gamers of the PS4 and XBOX One. This info-graphic demonstrates which platform is currently impressing the most. Sony’s PlayStation 4 console has an impressive line-up of titles, yet the same cannot be said for Microsoft’s XBOX One. What’s more, the PS4 doesn’t just have quantity, but also quality. According to Metacritic, the …

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Mechanical Keyboard Enthusiast Survey


We surveyed nearly 1,000 mechanical keyboard enthusiasts about their feelings within the community. Topics range from favorite mechanical keyboards, to keyboard manufacturers, and mechanical switches. via gomechanicalkeyboard.com

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5 Clever Gadget Gifts For Travelers This Christmas


Love tech and gadgets? Love to travel? Just in time for Xmas, we put together some perfect smart tech gift ideas, which make life easier for all travelers. These practical gadgets are mostly designed in Australia. They have received hundreds of thousands of dollars backing via Kickstarter and Backit campaigns, from all over the globe. via columbusdirect.com.au

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Infographic: LA vs SF – Where do tech workers have it better?


Over the last couple years, startups have increasingly passed over longtime tech epicenter SF in favor of the burgeoning startup scene in the sunny south. Intrigued, the team at tech career marketplace Hired.com decided to dig a little deeper in an attempt to figure out where the urban living is best for techies. Which city offers the ideal combo of …

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Infographic: Evolution of the Modern Restaurant


This infographic shows a number of amazing technologies that are used in restaurants today. Created by POS software company Bepoz, this infographic touches on point of sale systems and all kinds of other hi-tech items used in restaurants today. From futuristic food delivery systems to social media integration in restaurants, this infographic has it all. Not only do you get …

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Instagram: From Zero to $1 Billion in 17 Months


When Instagram launched its first app in October 2010, it did not strike most people as the kind of startup that would be acquired for $1 billion. Designers at Visually have compiled an infographic that documents the startup’s journey from photo app to $1 billion startup using, appropriately, Instagram photos. Brought to you by Visual.ly via Mashable. Brought to you …

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The Evolution of Programming


Technological innovation begins with the code. The programming languages that developers use to create the applications we now find commonplace evolve faster than ever before. Hardware and infrastructure on both ends of the programmers world create a more efficient and ideal environment for code development. What once was reserved for only the most passionate of programmers has become an open …

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Everything You Need To Know About CES


The International Consumer Electronics Show is the biggest tech event of the year, with an expected 140,000+ visitors and 2,700 exhibitors who are planning more than 20,000 product announcements over a 4 day period. Sortable.com wanted to take a look at the history of CES and just how big the show really is. Brought to you by Sortable.com. Brought to …

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The Best Christmas Presents For Your Web Page


The Holiday Season isn’t just about providing greats deals to your visitors. If you give yourself the gift of great winter website improvements, it will benefith both you and your customers. Learn the most important elements of your website and discover how to improve them for better conversion rates and a better Christmas! Brought to you by mintleafstudio.com.au. Brought to …

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The Cyber Thieves That Stole Christmas


With the shopping “holidays” of Black Friday and Cyber Monday right around the corner, the National Retail Federation predicts that up to 152 million people will be hitting stores looking for deals. As you search for deals, keep in mind that the slew of information being shared this weekend creates a prime opportunity for hackers to steal personal data. Some …

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How To Get A Job In Tech


With the country still deep in recession, the jobs situation seems to be worsening with each passing day. Americans are seriously hurting, and with through-the-roof unemployment combined with stagnant wages, large-scale economic recovery seems a long ways off. A few industries, however, seem impervious to decline, and tech is one of those industries. Indeed, with Android and iPhone sales raging …

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Where Tech is Born


Sometimes, new discoveries come at the most unexpected times in the most unexpected settings. So how do you create such an environment catering to both? This infographic shows just how tech is born, highlighting MIT Media Labs, the leader in such the field. Brought to you by onlinephd.org. Brought to you by onlinephd.org

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British car buyers are having a haggle again


British motorists could save a staggering £1.48 billion between them each year – if only they negotiated a lower price for their new car. And a growing number intend to do so: last September, 54% of car buyers questioned by Sainsbury’s Finance said that they will haggle ‘hard’ or ‘very hard’ to get a better deal, up from 47% in …

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9.5 Million Students Without Digital Acces at Home


Microsoft launched a three-year program to ensure that 1 million students from low-income families in the United States receive the benefits of software, hardware and broadband Internet service. Brought to you by Microsoft. Brought to you by Microsoft

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What’s Driving Gas Prices Today


Pump pains: What’s Driving Gas Prices Today? Every day a number of factors affect the fluctuating price of retail gas. We explore what those factors are and why they change. Brought to you by 1bog.org   Brought to you by 1bog.org

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iPhone 5 Rumors and Roadmap


Apple products are notorious for speculation before launch – mainly because Apple is so secretive about any of the details of a product before launch. The iPhone 5 is no exception. Everything from the launch date to the features available have had recent speculation. Yet another iPhone prototype was potentially lost in a bar – just like the iPhone 4. …

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Are You Addicted to Angry Birds?


Angry Birds debuted in 2009 and has been downloaded over 300 million times. It’s on track to reach 1 billion downloads in the not too distant future. And here’s where it gets shocking ̶̶ people play Angry Birds 200 million minutes per day! That’s equal to 16 years of game playevery hour of every day! Brought to you by aytm.com.

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Mobile Security & Malware Protection


Did you know Smartphones are the most popular new target for threats such as malware and data theft? Our illustrators have been busy coming up with this snazzy infographic – loads of interesting info in there and some stats that might surprise you! Brought to you by bullguard.com.

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IT Security


There are a number of tools to fight negligence, including education, executing best practices and vigilance. More challenging is increasing data protection amid the surge in malicious attacks coming from inside and outside the organization. What’s encouraging? Ponemon says more companies are being proactive about data protection. The infographic below, produced by SEO.com for Dell, gives a bit more context for the …

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Understanding the 4C’s of Diamonds


When buying loose diamonds online or at a local jeweler, it is important to understand how they are evaluated. You can ensure the maximum value and quality of your selection by learning about the most important characteristics of a diamond – carat, color, clarity, cut, and shape. Our visual guide to the four c’s of diamonds below provides a simple …

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