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2016 Sensible Social Media Checklist for Businesses

Social Media Checklist for Businesses

This is the most comprehensive social media checklist you’ll find anywhere. Updated for 2016, the simple checklist is easy to use and includes expert best practices that will help you master all of your company’s social media accounts. via blog.thewholebraingroup.com

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The Twitter Power User Cheat Sheet

Twitter Power User Cheat Sheet

Becoming a Twitter power user takes time, commitment, and dedication. These facts come from proven studies on the best times of the day to tweet and the nature of your followers, so that you can market to them in the most effective ways possible. These are tips that the pros use and things they consider every time they post something …

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Unmissable TV: A new interactive data visualisation from Panasonic


When the internet and social media came along, some people thought it was the end of us all gathering around the TV, but now we just gather around it in a whole new way. Now, we gather around hashtags while we’re watching the drama unfold. Recent research by Nielsen found that a quarter of TV viewers said they were more …

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Social Media Oscars


From January 24 (the day nominations were announced) to February 20, Radian6 listened in on 332,422 social conversations to predict who will be taking home little gold men during this weekend’s 84th Academy Awards. We’ll have to wait until Sunday to see if the results match, but we wanted to share the winners of the 2012 Social Media Oscars: Brought …

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Are Twitter Users ‘Sexier’ Than Those on Facebook?


When the Internet first was opened to public use, it was widely assumed that pornography would be its biggest draw. And for years it was. Today, in contrast, social media is the primary reason for having an Internet account—and social networking is having a significant impact on how we meet people and develop our relationships. Brought to you by eurorscgsocial.com. …

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Predicting the 2012 President


Four years ago a little known senator, Barack Obama, became the forty-fourth President of the United States of America. Experts suggest that one of the most influential factors for President Obama’s win in the previous election was his engagement on social media channels. Social media marketing is an often misunderstood and underutilized tool for politicians and even businesses. These channels have the …

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Pinterest, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter: The Who’s Who Of Social Media


In order to help small businesses determine where their efforts would be best spent in the social media world. We’ve gathered statistics about some of the largest social networks and a few important mid-sized ones. It breaks down the networks by what their unique point of difference is, who is using it (Including demographics and the common interests of users …

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Who Will Win a Grammy? Twitter Predicts the Future


Who’s going to win a Grammy on Sunday? Webtrends gives us a sneak preview, using Twitter as its crystal ball. Check out the prognostications in this exclusive infographic created fresh this morning using hot trending data from millions of tweets all over the world. Brought to you by WebTrends via Mashable. Brought to you by WebTrends via Mashable

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Obama’s State of the Union Address Sees 760,000 Tweets


Twitter has released the official stats showing the activity of its users during President Obama’s State of the Union address on Tuesday, providing an interesting insight in how the Twittersphere reacted to various parts of the speech. Brought to you by Twitter via Mashable. Brought to you by Twitter via Mashable

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You Are What You Tweet: 2011 in Review


If you asked me about the key figures of 2011, Justin Bieber and Charlie Sheen would be the last names to come out of my mouth. And yet, according to the 75% of us who use social media, these two are this year’s most important figures. Check out my new graphic illustrating our surprising social media addictions and what they …

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X Factor UK Social Media Infographic for Week 6


Week 6 of the live X Factor saw the contestants crack out Lady Ga Ga and Queen tunes. It’s hard to know which is Kitty Brucknell’s favourite, but she ran out of lives leaving Louie Walsh without any contestants to play with. Brucknell claimed that she had less followers, so would the overs (Over 25s) benefited from their mentor Walsh …

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X Factor Social Media Infographic For Week 5


It was ‘Dance Classics’ week, and if you were lead to believe that is was going to be a a two-step extravaganza as portrayed by The Xtra Factor, you were wrong. In an attempt to keep the Saturday prime time vision show fresh, interesting and stave off what is reported by marketing media to be poor audience figures, a double …

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X Factor UK Social Media and Live Shows for Week 3


It was Halloween theme for week 4 and some of the acts experiencing a complete nightmare, especially two from Kelly Rowland’s Girls Category, Misha B and Sophie Habibis, left to fight out it in the final two sing off. Kelly’s girls weren’t the only ones with problems. Tulisa Contostavlos managing The Bands also experienced turmoil with Ashley Baptiste leaving boy band The …

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The Power of Consumer Sentiment


With social media and data becoming a focus for many businesses, how is your business taking advantage of consumer sentiment? Businesses now have more power than ever before to start gleaning insights from online conversations, measure the sentiment, and ultimately putting the power back into the hands of the consumers. Brought to you by IBM. Brought to you by IBM

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X Factor UK Social Media for Week 3


The second public vote saw the bottom two acts both from the Overs (over 25s), Sami Brookes and Kitty Brucknell managed by X Factor UK  judge Louis Walsh. Kitty and Sami were received extremely well in the sing-off (possibly the best yet) by both the studio audience and the judges. Sami was let go by the judges final decision where …

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X Factor UK Social Media Infographic for Week 2


The X Factor social media infographic week 2 from the lives show 2011, series 8. The bottom two were Frankie Cocozza and NuVibe from the first public vote. Frankie survives for another week after the judge’s votes saves him. See the infographic for more social media analysis and insight goodness. Brought to you by elementalcomms.co.uk/blog. Brought to you by elementalcomms.co.uk/blog

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X Factor UK social media infographic for Week 1


A weekly review of the X Factor 2011 live shows and the impact that social media has upon the music reality TV show and vice versa. Includes a review of microblogging and social networks Facebook, Twitter and YouTube; how contestants, judges and audiences use social networking sites pre, during and post programmes. Brought to you by elementalcomms.co.uk/blog. Brought to you …

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How to advertise a job


The most compelling indication to date that job searching is going social? London Loves Jobs surveyed 500 business leaders and 500 other adults in London and found that 43% of them used social media to search for jobs online. Recruiters and employers have been searching for candidates on LinkedIn for a few years now, but there has been relatively little data …

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The Global Rise of the Fashion Social Influencer


As the shift from traditional to digital media continues to evolve, we analyzed over 550 fashion blogs using our exclusive blog tracker and created this info-graphic as a “Snapshot of the Global Fashion Blogosphere”. Brought to you by www.digitallylux.com. Brought to you by www.digitallylux.com

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A Visual History of Twitter


Since its launch in the summer of 2006, Twitter has become the leader in microblogging, limiting even its most famous users to a concise 140 characters. This infographic details Twitter’s most influential content creators, staggering adoption rates, and struggle to turn a profit. Curious about The Biebs‘ first tweet? Wondering which event caused the latest tweets-per-second record? Scroll on down …

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Twacked: When Twitter Accounts Go Bad


Twitter‘s biggest users are no strangers to hackers. Whether due to malicious email attachments or weak passwords, everyone from Lady Gaga to Barack Obama to Ellen DeGeneres has been a target. Having your account hacked is invariably embarrassing, but the stakes are far higher when malicious messages are sent from a high-profile user like Justin Bieber, who has some 12+ …

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Design Blogs by Social Media Following


Blogs and their followings on both Twitter and Facebook. We decided to update that graphic and see where those same blogs stand today.  As you an see the fans and followers have increased a good bit in the last ten months. Brought to you by http://www.testking.com.

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I’m Big on Twitter


With the list of the 63rd Primetime Emmy® Awards nominees out, share this colorful rundown of who the most popular candidates are on Twitter (by sheer number of followers) and show your friends who’s buzzing the loudest in Tinseltown. Brought to you by Emmys in collaboration with Column Five.

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