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Infographic: Women Are From Venus


Everyone has heard the old saying, “Men are from mars and women are from venus.” But do you have better chances making contact with alien life than finding Mr or Miss Right? This infographic takes a look at online vs. offline dating from the viewpoint of an astrophysicist. Brought to you by freedating.co.uk

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Women at Work: Sound Bytes, Statistics of Women Who Lead


Women today are making professional strides at an unprecedented level. We are seeing women start businesses at 1.5 times the national average, a 20 percent increase over the last decade. We’re also seeing educated women at record numbers; women now hold more bachelor’s and graduate degrees than men. There is still a disparity in earnings and leadership titles across genders, …

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Women in Technology: Triumphs, Barriers and Interesting Data


Can women succeed in IT? Women have recently taken several notable positions at the forefront of big tech companies. Unfortunately, they remain the exception to the rule. Learn about the presence – or lack thereof – of women in technology, from dismal numbers to inspiring success stories and resources for supporting ambitious, tech-minded women. Brought to you by itmanagerdaily.com. Brought to …

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What Does Your Lingerie Say About You?


Lingerie can be a delicious treat (both for the woman who wears it and the man who beholds it!) There is no doubt that lingerie has definite sex appeal. In fact, many fashionable women have become so enamored with these ultra sexy, feminine looks that many don’t want to bury them underneath more serious clothing. They look for every opportunity …

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Women Control The Money In America


More women are taking the reins on their finances, holding 60 percent of all personal wealth and 51 percent of all stocks in the U.S., according to Virginia Tech. In the office, 1.3 million are cashing in a cool $100,000-plus annually and running 40 percent of all private American businesses, according to marketing site She-conomy. At home, the majority of women …

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Sexual Violence Against Women – The Hard Truths


International Women’s Day – March 8 –  is a day that celebrates the achievements of women, but also raises awareness of the struggles and barriers to equality that still exist worldwide. Sexual violence against women is a serious abuse of women’s human rights, and an injustice experienced by women around the world. On International Women’s Day 2012 ActionAid is saying …

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Women Small Business Owners: America’s New Job Creators

Women small business owners infographic

This Infographic visually explains how female business owners have positively impacted job creation in the U.S. More and more American women are taking their careers into their own hands and opening small businesses. Small businesses account for more than 99 percent of employers in the U.S., and female ownership in small business increased more than 20 percent between 2002 and …

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Into The Minds of Women Who Game Online


LIFE Magazine assembled the world’s greatest gamers for a photo shoot that would become the center spread of their 1982 Year-In-Photos edition. The photo pictured 16 gentlemen between the ages of 14 and 30 years old, and fulfilled every typecast associated with gaming. Together, these men, including Billy L. Mitchell, who would later be named the Gamer of the Century, …

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Men Happier With Work-Life Balance Than Women


The Captivate Office Pulse Survey on Work-Life Balance reveals that when it comes to work-life balance, men are happier than women. The survey of 673 workers shows that men are 25% happier at work and 8% happier at home than women are. The Captivate Office Pulse Survey also has some interesting insights into some of the ways the lack of …

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