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BREAKING NEWS: SOPA’s Evil Twin Sister: CISPA even worse than SOPA

Both SOPA and PIPA were met by public outrage, and big companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter were active in fighting legislation. CISPA isn’t getting the same attention. In fact it is supported by a handful of Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft, IBM, and AT&T. You can read what the rich guys are saying, and the bill, HERE.

Even Facebook supports CISPA; the question is why?

CISPA is different from SOPA in that it doesn’t directly attack companies and users over bloated intellectual property rights. Facebook was against SOPA and PIPA because those bills held companies accountable for user generated content (Zuckerberg tweeted against SOPA).

CISPA allows private information to be shared between companies and the U.S. government. Information is only  shared when it is considered a cyber security threat. The problem is that the definition of a cyber security threat, is a vague word game that dumps privacy settings and policies into a legislative blackhole.

CISPA may be great for billionaires, but it stops there– the everyday Internet user is the one who takes the hit.

Brought to you by Lumin via hubze.com.

Brought to you by Lumin via hubze.com

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